Races to Count 2023

Series Races To Count
Frostbite Points AM 20 10
Spring Points AM 16 8
Spring Points PM 16 8
Wed Evening Points 18 9
Summer Points AM 14 7
Champions League 7 See
Winter Points AM 20 10
Winter Points PM 10 5
Frostbite (2024) 22 11

 Roll of Champions

The current holders of all the Club Trophies and series can be viewed here.  There are over 80 available, so get your name on the list among the great and the good!!

Roll of Champions Jan 2019

 Chew Yardsticks

Chew uses adjusted PYs for all handicap races, the Current Chew Yardsticks can be viewed below.

Chew Yardsticks Spring 2023

The Sailing Committee review the Chew Yardsticks on an annual basis in light of our own data and changes made by the RYA and the “Great Lakes” handicap system.  If you have any concerns or queries about specific Chew numbers, please email Bill Chard.  Your query will then be reviewed by the Sailing Committee.

Race Result Queries

If anyone has any queries about the results please email Bill Chard.

Chew uses Sailwave for all results.  It really is an excellent program and easy to use once you get the hang of it.  The program is free for anyone to download so you can have a practice in the calm and privacy of your own home before an ARO or RO duty.  Instructions on how to download and use the program can be viewed here – Sailwave Instructions – and if you email me, I will send you some dummy Chew data to play with.