Laser Training Videos

In this section you will find several training videos created by members of the Laser fleet. The objective of these videos is to provide the fleet with tips for racing and for general sailing.

The videos are divided in two sub-sections: Racing and General.


Startline Guidance

This video covers one of the trickiest parts of a race: the start. The footage was recorded during the 2012 Laser Training session in a light air day.

Leeward Mark With Gybe

How to excel in leeward mark rounding when combined with a gybe.

Frostbite Race Analysis

In this video Steve Smith, one of the top Laser sailors in the club, takes us through a very detailed analysis of the first part of this race. The wind was averaging 10 mph.

Laser Racing Basics

In this video Jeremy Millward, one of the more experienced sailors in the fleet, takes us through the various points that every sailor should keep in mind while on the water racing.


Laser Rigging

Walkthrough of the rigging of a Laser.

Light Air Gybes

Roll-gybing and boat speed.

This page is maintained by Laura Smith (fleet captain Laser 166580), Steve Smith (Laser 203577), Jeremy Millward (Laser 185309) and Jose Simas (Laser 115774).

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