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The general feedback we have for dutyman is positive, when distinguished from undertaking duties in the first place. But we aware that there have been discrepancies in the number of duties that some of you have been asked to undertake; this is in part due to the understandable preferences expressed by some members for the exclusion of particular dates in the year. For this reason filling duties during the school holidays has been a challenge. Likewise we remain short race officers. We are looking at ways to improve this.

Most of you are on email and you should receive notice of any duties from the system automatically. Irrespective of the email notifications, duties are published on the website at the top of this page. It is your obligation to check to see when your duty is. The Club does not post notifications; it is very inefficient and expensive.

As a plea, would you confirm duties when you get them? Any failure to do so means we have to chase confirmation which is very time-consuming.

As soon as the fixture list  is known we will publish next year’s duty roster, probably in January. If you do not intend to renew your membership please Email both the membership secretary and the duty secretary.

Membership secretary: membership@chewvalleysailing.org.uk
Duties secretary: duties@chewvalleysailing.org.uk

We will do our all we can to make the upcoming roster fair. Meantime best wishes for a very happy sailing year.

 The Duty Team

Dutyman points:

  1. You receive email reminders a few days before you duty.
  2. You can request swaps without having to ring around.
  3. You can easily keep your contact details current by amending them yourself.
  4. We will post any current status information about the service below, it would help us if you could check here prior to reporting any issues.
  5. Download the latest Duties Booklet (file size 1.4 MB) for detailed instructions about the various duties. The file is in PDF format and requires a program such as Adobe’s Acrobat Reader, which should be installed on most users computer/tablet.  You can find our more about Acrobat Reader and download it from here.
  6. We no longer record members excluded dates on Dutyman as Dutyman provides a very good system for swapping duties with other members.

For a full list of all current Events & Duties, click the button below

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Dutyman Status


Replacement Server installed by Dutyman


All Systems running normal.


As part of our continued development of rescue boat handling skills, the club has set up a mentorship scheme whereby some more highly trained volunteers can offer support and advice to anyone in the duty team involved with safety on the lake.

We want to do this is a friendly and informal way, so that anyone can feel happy discussing any issue.

The mentor will normally suggest and encourage the rescue boat helms to spend a while with them on the water honing their skills. This will normally be near the beginning of their duty.

At present (Dec 2014), we have 7 trained mentors and another 7 training in the pipeline.

We are currently offering our services to each Saturday duty team and will endeavour to contact them by phone before. As we get more mentors we hope to extend this service to every duty team. To do this we will need more mentors.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor yourself, or have any questions about the scheme, please feel free to contact the H &S officer, at: health-safety@chewvalleysailing.org.uk