Pay & Play Sessions

The club’s popular “Pay-and-Play” scheme is an opportunity for anyone interested in
sailing to enjoy a taster session, or for new sailors to gain experience and confidence
with a qualified Dinghy Instructor at an agreed time and on any sailing subject of
their choosing.

“Pay & Play” is the club’s own scheme to encourage participation in the sport, help
new members and generally improve sailing skills. It is not RYA training, and
sessions cannot count towards the award of any RYA certification.

The session is for up to half a day and is charged at a flat rate for one or two people.
Use of a club dinghy (Quest, Vision, Wayfarer, Topper, Optibat) is included, or you
can use your own.

The cost covers instructor’s expenses and boat hire if you use a club dinghy – a total
of £45.

As “Pay & Play” is offered as a taster session to non-members to see whether they
might like to learn to sail, non-members can book a session subject to additional
payment of the club’s daily guest sailor fee of £10 per head.

If you are interested and would like more details then please contact Dave Orme.