29er Race Group

The 29er has been a popular youth double hander at Chew Valley Lake SC over recent years. Before the Pandemic, the active fleet reached double figures on occasions. A number of those sailors moved on to University and beyond, but it is hoped that the fleet might grow again. Some of our current Chew Crew are in the process of transitioning into 29ers.

Typically, 29er sailors have come from both the Feva and Topper classes at CVLSC. For those sailors who have Olympic aspirations, the 29er is also an Olympic pathway class – World Sailing have kept both the 49er and FX as Olympic Classes. The 29er has youth appeal, media value, universality and is innovative and exciting to sail.

In the past, CVLSC has brought in external 29er coaches to help those starting out in 29ers, and those sailors not able to travel to the 29er Class Association open training weekends. Those training sessions were usually held over the winter, and the coaches were often the same coaches that coached the 29er Class Association Open training. They were RYA qualified and had direct experience of 29ers and skiff sailing.

It is the hope of the CVLSC Youth Team that we might reinvigorate the interest in 29er sailing at CVLSC again. Keep an eye on the CVLSC Youth Calendar for training sessions available or contact the Chew Crew Coordinator whose details are listed on the Youth contact pages.

The 29ers start with the club’s Handicap fleet where there is keen competition with other asymmetric boats from RS200s & RS100s, through to the RS700s!

RYA British Youth Sailing Regional Training Groups

The RYA British Youth Sailing (BYS) Regional Training Groups  (RTG) are the RYA Performance programme of race training for both Junior (under 16 years) and Youth (under 19 years) sailors in each region.

29ers are one of the BYS recognised youth classes supported by the RTG programme. There are 6 regions in England as well as similar programmes in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

There is a selection and invitation procedure to be part of the RTG.

Many CVLSC young sailors have been selected for and benefited from this RTG training over the years.

Selection is based on completion of a range of events. For more information, check out the BYS section of the RYA website..