Chew Valley Dinghy Cruising

Chew Valley Lake offers a safe, non-tidal stretch of water in which many dinghy cruising essential practices can be honed, trialled and experimented with. Whether new to sailing, new to cruising or a veteran coastal sailor, we welcome your valued participation.
The Lake plan (opposite) shows where anchoring is permitted. Remaining inside the yellow line when anchoring will ensure no damage is caused to some delicate Bristol Water infrastructure that lays on the lake bed.
The Chew Cruise events are held regularly on Saturdays and occasionally on Bank Holidays where we meet up at lunchtime and enjoy a lunch at anchor and discuss all things dinghy cruising. Locations, boat set-ups, past experiences etc. It is an invaluable source of knowledge and ideas that can be employed when venturing out into coastal waters. It is also where Chew-based future dinghy cruising 1-day or 2-day sails can be planned and discussed.

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Permitted Anchoring Area Map