DragonFlite95 (Radio Controlled Yacht)

The very latest class of yacht to sail at Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club is the DragonFlite 95 (DF95). She is 95cm in length, is a fast, easy to sail, restricted one design radio controlled model yacht to be raced as supplied by the builder and must comply with the restricted class rules. They are sailed at many clubs in the UK and all around the world. DF95 events range from World Championships to local Open Meetings with levels of expertise racing from complete novices to the experts.

The cost of this model encourages starters to get involved in the sport of model yacht racing as the purchase kit includes all that is necessary to be on the water for about £330, and be competitive very quickly. This yacht has 4 rig sizes to suit the prevailing wind conditions. The smaller rigs are available at additional cost from the basic starter boat kit. Certificates and a registration number are obtainable from the DF Racing UK National Class Association at no cost.
Links to suppliers are listed below.

DF95 sailing at Chew usually takes place on Thursday mornings from 10am but this can change to Wednesdays or Saturdays if weather conditions are more favourable on these days. There is nothing to stop radio controlled sailing on any day that sailing is permitted at Chew.

There is a lot of information about the DF95 class online. FaceBook and YouTube are great sources of advice and support.

If you are interested in becoming involved or wanting more information, or even have a trial sail, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to any of the DF95 sailors.

UK suppliers of new boats and parts.
Governing body of radio controlled sailing in the UK.
UK Class Association.
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Dave Potter, sails and accessories.
Nigel Brown, CatSails, sails and accessories.
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