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Sailing and Social Report 05-Sep-19

Chew's Wayfarer troops on tour in and around Falmouth! Sailing Club News – 05-Sep-19 As the schools re-convene their educating process, lots of boats are returning to the Club from [...]

Blue-green Algae Advisory Notice 23-Aug-19

Update 06-Sep-19 “Blue green algae counts have dropped significantly. They are now below advisory level” I have received the following information from Bristol Water: "Chew Valley Lake Algal Counts per ml: [...]

Sailing and Social Report 20-Aug-19

Definitely not the weekend before last! Well done to all the Chew Feva sailors who went to the Worlds last month, great results all round. We are proud of you!! [...]

Sailing and Social Report 08-Aug-19

Wednesday evening series SoSlows racing in for their curry! Your club needs you!! We are looking for 2 or 3 volunteers to form a team to work alongside Peter Barnes, [...]

Sailing and Social Report 28-Jul-19

Chew Junior Team Racers at Oxford Finals 2019 Sailing Club News - 25-Jul-19 To kick off this news, I am going to start with the plan for this coming Sunday, [...]

Sailing and Social Report 11-Jul-19

Short Fat Silver's Island clearing team.... Sailing Club News - 11-Jul-19 The Club has been busy these past two weeks and I will try and get you up to date [...]

Sailing and Social Report 27-Jun-19

Family Regatta 2008 - note the weather! Sailing Club News - 27-Jun-19 I am still feeling a little guilty about setting a course yesterday evening for the fast handicap boats [...]

Solo Open 08-Jun-19

by Errol Edwards Chew Valley Lake Solo Open © Charlie Chandler A total of six Solos entered the 2019 Chew Valley Lake Solo open meeting which was a lot considering the [...]

Sailing and Social Report 30-May-19

The courageous, bold rescuers.... Sailing Club News - 30th May 2019 I have had a hectic week of ‘catch-up’ after deserting my post at Chew to enjoy a river cruise [...]

Sailing and Social Report 09-May-19

Mirrors at Chew late '70s Sailing Club News 09-May-19 There has been much evidence of boat and even cover washing going on over the last couple of weeks as more [...]

Sailing and Social Report 25-Apr-19

Wednesday Evening pre-fight! Sailing Club News 25th April 2019 There was an awesome almost 60 boat turnout for Wednesday evening’s race this week – and lots of sunburned faces after [...]

Sailing and Social Report 11-Apr-19

RS200s - Primrose Salt Sailing Club News 11th April 2019 What a great weekend of sailing we have just had! The Club was busy on both days with the RYA [...]

Sailing and Social Report 28-Mar-19

Flying Fifteens mixing it with working boats, Falmouth 2018 Sailing Club News - 28-Mar-19 Speaking to John Harris at Woodford Lodge yesterday, the lake is now officially over 95% full! [...]

Sailing and Social Report 14-Mar-19

Regatta day 2008 Sailing Club News - 14th March Strong wind and very strong wind has characterised the last two Wednesdays and weekends. Wednesdays have been blown off; last Sunday [...]

Junior & Youth Summer Program 05-Mar-19

The finishing touches are just being put to the 2019 Summer program for the club’s junior and youth sailors. Over the next few weeks, specific announcements will be going out for [...]

Sailing and Social Report 01-Mar-19

Solo Winters by Errol Edwards Sailing Club News - 01-Mar-19 The past fortnight has seen the clubhouse busy, first with a multitude of students and then a host of Solo [...]

Sailing and Social Report 12-Feb-19

Team racing at Chew Sailing Club News - 12-Feb-19 Once again the weather has done its best to disrupt the Club’s best laid plans. After the unexpectedly heavy snowfall on [...]

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