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Sailing Club News 14-Jan-22

Happy new year! I hope everyone was able to enjoy the festive period, albeit it seems to be receding rapidly in the rear view mirror. There was a packed social [...]

Sailing and Social Report 02-Dec-21

Sailing Club News December 2021 Change is afoot - the advent of the winter cold weather was heralded by Storm Arwen last weekend while unfortunately Covid-19 and the government response [...]

Sailing and Social Report 18-Nov-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 18-Nov-21 I am sorry to have to kick off on a sad note, but some of you may remember Terry McGrane, who passed away last [...]

Sailing and Social Report 04-Nov-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 04-Nov-21 After last year’s Covid enforced virtual prizegiving, it is good news to be able to appreciate one more step back to ‘normality’, as plans [...]

Sailing and Social Report 21-Oct-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 21-Oct-21 We are now one week on from our 2021 AGM which saw the installation of Andy Jones, Paul Nichols and Jon Elmes as our [...]

Sailing and Social Report 07-Oct-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 07-Oct-21 First and foremost, I am sure I don’t need to remind any of you that one of the highlights of our Club year, the [...]

Sailing and Social Report 22-Sep-21

Sailing Club News – Wednesday 22-Sep-21 I hope that none of you are falling into the trap of thinking that the notice of our forthcoming AGM means it’s laying up [...]

Sailing and Social Report 09-Sep-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 09-Sep-21 The last weekend before the dreaded (or eagerly awaited, depending on your point of view!), return to school, saw the annual Barts Bash event [...]

Sailing and Social Report 24-Aug-21

Sailing Club News – Tuesday 24-Aug-21 I am sorry to start on a sad note, but I received the news last week that a much loved Honorary member, Mike Meloy, [...]

Chew Valley Recreational Trail

Phase 2 of the Chew Valley Recreational Trail will go ahead this autumn. Works are due to start in August and the trail is scheduled for completion by the end [...]

Sailing and Social Report 05-Aug-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 05-Aug-21 The Chew Crew summer break, coupled with the usual holiday exodus of members to guess where, the UK(!), has made it easier to park [...]

Sailing and Social Report 22-Jul-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 22-Jul-21 It was so good this week to be able to send out the mail setting out the various measures the Committee authorised as we [...]

Sailing and Social Report 08-Jul-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 08-Jul-21 So much has been happening this fortnight past, I fear you will have to read to the end of this to keep up. There [...]

Sailing and Social Report 24-Jun-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 24-Jun-21 With Summer sailing now in full swing, there has been lots happening as you will read below. Whilst there may have been a little [...]

Sailing and Social Report 10-Jun-21

Sailing Club News – Friday 10-Jun-21 As we hope to move out of Covid restrictions, there are signs of the old life returning. Not only can we use our changing [...]

Sailing and Social Report 27-May-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 27-May-21 As the pictures show, we have been enjoying some great sailing in the last couple of weeks. You will have noticed the work happening [...]

Sailing and Social Report 13-May-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 13-May-21 Today is the first scheduled Thursday evening improvers session – you should all have seen the booking email yesterday. (Hopefully on Monday we will [...]

Sailing and Social Report 29-Apr-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 29-Apr-21 We have been enjoying a bit more breeze these last couple of weeks; Andy Jones described conditions last Sunday as Champagne Sailing! This has [...]

Sailing and Social Report 15-Apr-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 15-Apr-21 Two weeks of sailing behind us now and what a pleasure it has been to see members enjoying the chance to sail, boat bimbling [...]

Zoom Talk by Doug Pattison 05-Feb-21

Doug Pattison and his Speed Sailing Exploits circa 1980 Although the sight of foiling 60ft yachts travelling at speeds in excess of 50 knots is now almost commonplace, have you [...]

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