With the summer racing away in what seems like torrents of rain (at least the lake is nice and full) here’s your reminder of what’s ahead over this busy period

Annual Celebration Dinner Saturday 07-Oct-23

Join us for a memorable evening at our Annual Celebration Dinner on Saturday, 7th October.

Savor a delightful meal and enjoy a drink from our bar while Captain Roger Francis, CMMar, takes us on a captivating journey through the history of Trinity House. The talk will encompass royal beginnings, tales of storms and shipwrecks, the lives of lighthouse keepers (including the renowned Grace Darling), and their role along the coasts of England and Wales. We’ll also learn about Trinity House’s modern contributions, from state-of-the-art electronic aids for ships to maritime charity support and fraternity activities.

The night will be filled with camaraderie, including a brief prizing to recognize our victorious sailors and special award winners.

Don’t miss this night of camaraderie and nautical merrymaking. Tickets will go on sale in August and cost £15 – more details will follow on how to get your ticket

Committee Boat

Those of you that have been to the club recently will have noticed that unfortunately the Committee Boat is out of service, having broken its mooring and been very badly damaged during the storm of early July (please note, contrary to rumour, the boat had been correctly secured on its mooring, unfortunately the mooring failed). Thank you to all those of you that helped recover the boat off the dam, preventing even more damage and possibly the boat sinking.

We are currently in discussion with our insurers concerning the damage and exploring the potential for repair or replacement. While it is off the water, the Dory has been speedily converted for temporary use as a committee boat, when needed.

Cruising Adventures (by Phil Pemberton)

30th Wayfarer International Rally at East Down Yacht Club (EDYC) Strangford Lough 10-Jun-23 to 18-Jun-23.

Chewfarers John Kelly, Mike Higgins, Colin Shepherd and Phil Pemberton attended the week long rally just south of Belfast on an inland lough area shaped like a deflated ballon connected at the narrows to the Irish sea. Get the tides wrong and you get expelled like a pea from of a pea shooter out into the Irish sea or into the Lough. Tropical conditions greeted about 90 participants in 37 Wayfarers. The rally was masterminded by John Miller and each day destinations were matched with the prevailing winds and weather by EDYC. Of particular note was a passage out into the Irish sea past a whirlpool and through a sea that seemed to be boiling at times. Whilst there, we learnt that the RYA had recognised John Mellor’s contribution to sailing with a life time achievement award-well deserved.
Ralph Roberts started the International rally 30 years ago so that participants from all over the world can come and join together. Northern Ireland was the latest destination in a long list including Canada, USA, Sweden, Norway France, Denmark, and Nederland.
So, if you enjoy or want to enjoy Wayfarer sailing then get in touch.

Lough Erne Yacht Club (LEYC) 18-Jun-23 to 23-Jun-23

I had heard about this place from a group od Tideway sailors in Plymouth so when the opportunity came up to extend my stay in Ireland I jumped at the chance. Colin Shepherd came with me and we both agree that this is a truly magical place to sail near Enniskillen. Imagine the lake district without the crowds. It is part of a river system 80 miles long swollen into a large lough with islands dotted around that you can land on. There is a red line at 55’ latitude and a warning that the wind can be very strong beyond this point. They are not joking! The wind arrives from the USA, passes unhindered through Donegal Bay, and hits Lough Erne with full force. There is a noticeable transition whenever passing though this latitude. Further north is windy further south much more sheltered. So, you can choose where you go and what sort of sailing you want to enjoy.The LEYC is in a stunning bay that was used for seaplanes in WW2. This gives you some idea of the scale of the sailing available. The club has fantastic facilities and is very open to visitors. So, if you want to visit then I can thoroughly recommend it.

First Aid Course (by Jeff Stratford)

We are planning our next First Aid course and need to know if there is interest for a course in September or October. It is the full RYA course, one day and the cost is £30. Expression of interest to Jeff please.

PB2 Course (by Jeff Stratford)

RYA PB2 course Saturday 09-Sep-23 and 16-Sep-23, it’s two days, run by RYA instructors and you get a lifetime certificate all for £40 still 5 places available please book via your Webcollect account, any questions ask Jeff.

Advanced Safety helm Course – help needed please

On the 23-Sep-23 and 28-Oct-23 we are running our in house advanced helm safety courses which are fully booked, We need help rigging and capsizing dinghies and being rescued. All I can offer is my thanks and lunch in the galley please help if you can. Names or questions to Jeff please. (jeffstratford@btinternet.com)

Wednesday Evenings (James Williams)

As we get towards the end of the Wednesday series there are fewer opportunities for duty swaps, particularly with the late rostered Wind Down days. Unfortunately we’re short of a rescue crew this Wednesday (2nd) and RO, 2xARO and rescue crew for the first Wind Down (16th). Any help here appreciated!

The Great Omega Challenge

For those of you in the know, one of the most keenly contested events in the club calendar is the Annual Omega Challenge, a boat on boat race between Steve Nash representing the CLADs group, and Jeff Stratford, representing ? himself ?.

The terms of the race have now been agreed and Jeff has written the following completely unbiased (!) report in anticipation:

The date of this years thrashing has been set as Saturday 12th August 2023 at 1100.

As agreed Steve will helm his Omega crewed allegedly by a member of the Chinese Olympic Sailing Team or failing that at least 4 members of CLADs.

Jeff will crew the Police Omega helmed by Sir B otherwise known as Malc.

After the Police team being nobbled by the Race Officer last year we waited until he was unavailable and have brought in our very good friend Hugh Whatley to ensure that we win.

If you want to throw in the towel now Steve I am not too proud to accept it.

With the score at one all there is everything to play for and the chance to get your name on the prestigious Omega Trophy is a true honour.

I have done everything in my power to ensure the best team win.

I am sure all concerned would welcome raucous support and supportive critical comment on the day!

Member Travels (James Williams)

The ILCA fleet have been travelling in force, with participation at the Masters Nationals at Hayling Island through Peter Sherwin (ILCA7), Christi Brasher and Sarah Harding (both ILCA4). The inclusion of the ILCA4 comes off some lobbying through the Chew fleet as a rig often used here. Congratulations in particular to Christi on the win!

Some of our more junior members have also been on the road, with Toby Colls, Dylan Pritchett, William Batho, Caroline Baxendale, Anna Gribble and James Colls all venturing to Bristol Corinthian in early July for their Topper coaching and racing weekend. Great to see this side of the club building again!

Meanwhile, Ollie Allen-Wilcox sailed a great event (including a race win) to finish 4th at the ILCA6 Men’s World Championship at Dziwnow in Poland. A little closer to home, Ed Baker finished 3rd at the ILCA open at Hollowell SC and  2nd in the Welsh champs

Matt and Hannah Greenfield got a spot at the prestigious Merlin Rocket week at Salcombe, finishing 20th in the >100 boat fleet. There’s a great video of them winning the leeward end of the line squeezing every inch out of the shallows against the tide on day 4 here (cream hull, sail no 3687).

Elsewhere, new(ish) member Malcolm James finished 4th in the fast fleet at the Notts County SC Regatta in a Scorpion.

Although not in a boat that could be sailed at Chew, we have National Championship winners amongst us! The Cudmore clan were part of the winning crew on Polly at the Impala Nationals at Hamble River SC.
Nationals sailing is in full flow, with Derian and Andy Scott also sailing at the Fireball Nationals at Torbay.

Although there’s no report yet, Adam and Bella Broughton sailed in the Mirror Worlds at Sligo, finishing an amazing 6th, including a 2nd in race 3. We’ll include a report in next month’s newsletter.

Andy Jones