Sailing Resumes with immediate effect

Fo those of you that haven’t already seen the news through our Facebook page or the various group WhatsApp, I am delighted to confirm that sailing is able to resume on the lake with immediate effect.

I received the following update from Bristol Water yesterday afternoon:

The company’s ongoing monitoring of blue-green algae levels in Chew Valley Lake has confirmed numbers have reduced below 100,000 cells/m, the Company’s internal guideline value. Since results first indicated an increase in numbers of blue-green algae above the Company’s guideline value regular samples have been collected from multiple points across the lake. The two most recent sampling surveys completed on 27 and 30 June 2024 confirmed numbers had reduced significantly. Numbers of blue-green algae in all samples were less than 20,000 cells/ml. The results provide a good degree of confidence that levels of blue-green algae do not pose an unacceptable risk to recreational users of the lake. Therefore, based on the satisfactory results of the sampling surveys we have taken the decision to open the lake for fishing and sailing.

Although the numbers of blue-green algae have reduced significantly, there is a small risk of localised surface scums remaining. As a precautionary measure we are asking users of the lake to be aware of this small ongoing risk.

To confirm:

  • Sailing on the lake is starting up this afternoon from 2pm when the wonderful Police Group are opening up the lake for sailing. (Please note however that the normal BBQ and evening fun race will not take place this week
  • Rostered duty teams should attend the club as required and fulfil their duties as normal
  • Ben and Antonia will resume their normal catering service commencing from this Saturday
  • Racing resumes this Sunday with the start of our Summer series racing from 10.30am
  • The various Junior & Youth and other training groups should continue as directed by their group leaders and/or instructed via the WhatsApp groups

Blue Green Algae Precautions

While Bristol water have confirmed that the numbers of BGA have reduced significantly members with only a small risk of surface scum, members should be mindful of the following standing advice to help mitigate any risk

  1. There are fresh tap water hoses available on the sides of the clubhouse and members are advised to wash themselves down thoroughly following activities so that scum and algae are removed from their clothing before they enter the changing rooms.
  2. Sailors should clean their hands thoroughly after entering the water and before handling/eating food.
  3. As a precaution it is suggested you wash and thoroughly dry all protective clothing on returning home. Clothes should not be stored wet or damp.
  4. Members should not walk or play at the water’s edge, particularly on a lee shore on a windy day when scum may accumulate

Hopefully that will be the last we hear of Algae for another 25 years! I look forward to seeing members return to the water over coming weeks

Andy Jones