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Sailing and Social Report 10-Jun-21

Sailing Club News – Friday 10-Jun-21 As we hope to move out of Covid restrictions, there are signs of the old life returning. Not only can we use our changing [...]

Sailing and Social Report 27-May-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 27-May-21 As the pictures show, we have been enjoying some great sailing in the last couple of weeks. You will have noticed the work happening [...]

Sailing and Social Report 13-May-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 13-May-21 Today is the first scheduled Thursday evening improvers session – you should all have seen the booking email yesterday. (Hopefully on Monday we will [...]

Sailing and Social Report 29-Apr-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 29-Apr-21 We have been enjoying a bit more breeze these last couple of weeks; Andy Jones described conditions last Sunday as Champagne Sailing! This has [...]

Sailing and Social Report 15-Apr-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 15-Apr-21 Two weeks of sailing behind us now and what a pleasure it has been to see members enjoying the chance to sail, boat bimbling [...]

Zoom Talk by Doug Pattison 05-Feb-21

Doug Pattison and his Speed Sailing Exploits circa 1980 Although the sight of foiling 60ft yachts travelling at speeds in excess of 50 knots is now almost commonplace, have you [...]

Sailing and Social Report 01-Apr-21

Duty Volunteers Wanted Please This weekend has the added bonus of a bank holiday Monday to sail on as well, although I’m struggling to get a full duty team together [...]

Sailing and Social Report 24-Mar-21

Sailing Club News – Wednesday 24-Mar-21 Maths was never my long suit, but I reckon that after this news drops into your inboxes, there will be 161 hours (and only [...]

Sailing and Social Report 12-Mar-21

Sailing Club News – Friday 12-Mar-21 As we count down the days to ‘R’ day (the big return to sailing) on Wednesday 31-Mar-21, I can report that both of our [...]

Sailing and Social Report 25-Feb-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 25-Feb-21 We are pencilling in Wednesday 31st March as the ‘big’ day! As I write the print is barely dry on the details of how [...]

Virtual Insanity

Virtual Insanity is better than Lockdown Lunacy Real sailing, of course, requires us to bring together many different skills and attributes such as boat preparation, handling skills, tactical decision making, [...]

Sailing and Social Report 02-Feb-21

Sailing Club News – Tuesday 02-Feb-21 There is very little ‘news’ on the Chew sailing front to report, though we remain hopeful that, once the schools are allowed to re-open, [...]

Sailing and Social Report 14-Jan-21

Sailing Club News – Thursday 14-Jan-21 With the national lockdown still in place, the prospect for any active sailing club ‘news’ might seem bleak indeed! However, I have tried to [...]

Sailing and Social Report 31-Dec-20

Phase 5 Return to sailing In view of the deteriorating Covid situation described in the government announcement 30-Dec-20, for the short term (hopefully) we have taken the responsible decision to [...]

Sailing and Social Report 11-Dec-20

The changeable weather has been frustrating for those who are able and wanting to get back to some sailing – either no wind or too much. The forecast for this [...]

Sailing and Social Report 01-Dec-20

Sailing Club News – Tuesday 01-Dec-20 Well, I am sure I don’t have to tell any of you the good news from tomorrow! My problem is working out exactly how [...]

Sailing and Social Report 20-Nov-20

Sailing Club News – Friday 20-Nov-20 We are over halfway through the lockdown ‘light’ – the end is in sight. Helen has assured me from her security patrols that the [...]

Sailing and Social Report 06-Nov-20

Sailing Club News – Friday 06-Nov-20 Many of you must have a sense of déjà vu as we find ourselves back in Lockdown ‘light’. Well, ‘light’ in terms of schools, [...]

Sailing and Social Report 23-Oct-20

Sailing Club News – Friday 23-Oct-20 Warning from Bristol Water – they have detected a raised level of Blue/Green Algae in the lake. They advise taking extra care handwashing, showering [...]

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