Upcoming sailing:

There’s lots of great sailing coming over the coming month as we emerge from winter and activity picks up – check out the calendar for full details but here’s a summary:

  • Every Sunday in February has 2 morning races in the Frostbite series
  • Over the weekend of the 18th & 19th the RYA Level 3 course begun in 2022 will be completed
  • The BUSA team racing qualifiers were hampered by light winds last weekend and not quite enough races were completed. It is likely 1 day on the weekend of the 18th/19th will be needed to complete the event.
  • The first of three winter Topper training sessions is on Saturday 25th
  • Heading in to March, the next Class Race Day is on Sunday 5th

On the Road

There were very few events to travel to in January, but Ed Baker has just finished 13th out of nearly 100 boats at the Tiger Trophy (with a 7th in the Sunday pursuit race)

Your House and Grounds needs YOU!

Our sailing club isn’t immune to the recent changes within the economy, and we are understandably seeing costs increasing across the board. As the General Committee battles with budgeting for things like Electricity, Gas and Petrol, we’re also challenging some of our operational procedures and infrastructure, looking for ways that we can become greener and use energy more efficiently.
Initiatives such as solar panels, battery storage, electric engines and improved energy efficient lighting and appliances are just some of the ideas that are on the table, and we will be making investment in some of these areas in the very near future.

Our wonderful club house was built many years ago and although it has seen improvements over the years, there will undoubtedly be opportunities to make the building more efficient, with improved insulation and smart technologies to help monitor and manage our heating, lighting and more.
With a membership over 600 we will undoubtedly have people who have the interest, experience and qualifications to help navigate some of these challenges and to propose ideas and solutions as well as help carry them through.

If you believe you can help and are willing to give some of your time to improve your sailing club, then we want to hear from you, and below are just some of the types of experience we are after.
Project Managers, Architects, Building Surveyors, Structural Engineers
Insulation Specialists, Solar PV Specialists, Building Management or Smart Technology experts
Marine Engineering or Maintenance

Please contact rear-commodore@chewvalleysailing.org.uk to get involved.

Remember remember!

A shout out please to all duty teams and club members.

Please take care to to turn off heaters on at the end of the day.  Duty teams please dont forget to check they are turned off, and all members, if you are last out of the changing room, bar area, or any other club area where the heating is roaring away in a valiant but sometimes losing battle to provide some warmth, please take responsibility, save our energy usage and costs and TURN IT OFF 🙂