A full news round up of sailing activity will follow at the beginning of August but in the meantime there is some important information to highlight to all members:

Important reminder – all Committee Boat and RIB drivers

The water level on the lake is dropping fast. As a result our club Bosun is battling a continuing and increasing frequency of prop damage to our RIBs and Committee Boat. Aside from being time consuming and expensive, it is now getting to the point where it may force us to take RIBs off the water until repairs can be made, and thereby impact sailing activity.

PLEASE be aware of the risk of shallow water and take great care launching and recovering RIBs, manoeuvring onto pontoons and out on the lake around Little Denny and the lake edges

Club Security

Unfortunately there have been a couple of instances recently of things going missing. We are actively considering how we can best improve the security of our site but in the meantime please be careful with your property and be vigilant when visiting the club.

Simple things you can do include

  • not leaving items in boats that can easily be removed,
  • use hitch or wheel locks on trailers
  • be vigilant for suspicious activity when you are at the club.

Please also ensure that you shut and lock our access road gates….don’t forget on a non sailing day the middle gate at the trail crossing should always be locked and should be closed and locked by the duty team as they live the club at the end of a sailing day.

Sun screen

It also seems topical given the recent extended sunshine to highlight the following advice from the RYA on the use of sun screen and other protection when out on the water


Andy Jones