Dutyman Update

We know that some of you have had problems fulfilling or swapping duties due to the delayed issue of the latest duties roster. As a result, the duties team have been working hard to ensure that the system works as smoothly as possible for you. Here are the main developments and points to note:-

  • The most significant change implemented is that it is now possible to inter-swap between OOD/ARO/Rescue Crew duties, which essentially triples the swap options for people rostered for those duties.
  • We will endeavour to roster on a monthly or bimonthly basis 3-4 months ahead, giving much more notice and time to organise swaps, so keep checking back on Dutyman for new swap options.
  • At current membership levels, members eligible for duties should expect to do 2-3 weekend duties per year. This excludes any duties for Wednesday evening racing (which are allocated to participants in that series) or volunteered Opens. Exclusion from duties based on sailing six times or less a year only apply to partners of lead Family/Retired Family Members.
  • If you know you can do a duty, please confirm it on Dutyman, or set it to swap requested if you can’t. If you arrange a swap, or for another member to cover your duty, outside of Dutyman, please formalise the swap/volunteering on Dutyman so the OODs know who to ring around in the run up, or at the very least email us.
  • We will be checking the Duty Register sheets in the clubhouse for ‘no shows’ to ensure that members’ quotas of duties undertaken are fair and correct, hence the importance of signing in on your duty day and of updating Dutyman if you swap or volunteer for a weekend duty
  • Please ensure that the contact details in your Dutyman profile are up to date, ideally putting your mobile number as the first phone number.
  • We’ve made more elements of your Dutyman profile editable, eg. preferred duty days/types – email us to update any others – however, we cannot guarantee that you will be rostered according to your duty preferences
  • If you are not receiving emails from Dutyman please ensure that the email address in your Dutyman profile is up to date. If you’re still having trouble, or for more information, please refer to https://dutyman.biz/making_sure_you_receive_your_dutyman_emails.aspx
  • You may have to set donotreply@dutyman.biz as a trusted sender in your webmail and/or email software settings.

From Tom Skailes, our new addition to the Dutyman team…