50th Anniversary Party – last chance to book!

  • Last chance this weekend to book tickets for the 50th anniversary party. Details of timings and arrangements for the day and evening to follow early next week.
  • Campervan parking at the club must be booked in advance with Helen Martin, Vice Commodore
  • Camping: if you want to camp at Woodford Lodge register there on the day before 4.15.

Sailing Report – Helen Martin, Vice Commodore

Sunshine warmth and very light winds at the weekend made for pretty reflections in the water and gentle drifts on the lake. I understand the RO managed to get two races in on Sunday afternoon for those that hadn’t been deterred by the forecast. Well done.

Wednesday – Summer Solstice, the hottest June day since 1976! In the morning there was some pleasant drifting followed by a delicious lunch (thank you Rob) and display of photographs and memorabilia, then some rather faster drifting in the afternoon and a 50th anniversary cake at tea time. Thank you Hugh Whatley – it was his idea to have a special solstice day and begin to build an archive for the club. How it will be stored and displayed is yet to be decided- a project for the winter.

Later…… hoorah, a lovely south westerly breeze built, leading to a most delightful evening’s sailing and racing with a great turnout of boats and it was warm enough to sit outside until 10pm. Special mention of John Warburton – to be at the club for his rescue duty, he took to his bike after his car broke down.

Join the CVLSC communications team

We need occasional help preparing and sending the club email newsletters. This is not a technical role – no programming is required. Ideally you need to be computer literate, understand how to resize images for online use and have an eye for detail. You’ll also need access to an internet connected computer! Training will be given with the online software we use to create and send the emails. Learning this skill could very useful for your employer’s or your business – or as an additional skill for your CV. Contact Mike Pearce for a chat about what’s involved.