Steve’s Laser Tip of the Month 01-Dec-17


How can we help to progress our sailing during the depths of winter? Packed the boat up for winter? Well I might not agree (you’d expect that!) but I do recognise that for some it is just too cold and miserable out there to go sailing! Whether sailing through the depths of winter or [...]

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Steve’s Laser Tip of the Month 01-Oct-17


Top 10 coach’s tips to improve your sailboat racing Is improving your sailing skill something that you aspire to? In no particular order, here are my top 10 tips to improve your sailing; with a bit of personal insight to boot! Enjoy! 1. Set goals Dream goals (go bananas! e.g. Laser Masters National Inland [...]

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Steve’s Laser Tip of the Month 01-Sep-17


Tip of the Month – Kicker settings upwind Hi Steve, I wondered if you could comment on the following article. Thanks, Nick Bate ****************************************************************************** Hi Nick, Please see the below that I hope will help you and others in the fleet! Thanks, Steve What do the settings mean? The depower 1 and depower [...]

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Steve’s Laser Tip of the Month 02-Jul-17


Tip of the month – tiller extensions Let’s talk about length and girth...and by that I of course mean...tiller extensions! Modern carbon tiller extensions come in different diameters and lengths. As sailors, we are in contact with our tiller extensions all the time when sailing; it is important to get the feeling right if [...]

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Steve’s Laser Tip of the Month 03-Jun-17


Steve’s Tip of the Month: Mental Toughness I recently had an enjoyable chat with Andy Southall about mental toughness. Andy is not only one of the most decent blokes I’ve ever met, but he is also a real scholar of human behaviour and mental fitness. Our conversation helped me to pen a few notes [...]

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