Covid 19 Coronavirus update 22-May-20


Latest planning for our return to recreational sailing during the Coronavirus pandemic. Thank you for your responses to the survey and for your comments and observations. Subject to Bristol Water approval we are aiming for recreational sailing to start by Wednesday 27-May-20. In order to avoid congestion on site, there will be strictly limited, [...]

Covid 19 Coronavirus update 22-May-202020-05-25T16:38:01+01:00

Covid 19, corona virus update- looking forward 12-May-20


I am writing on behalf of the Directors and General Committee. As will be the case with you all, we are excited at the imminent prospect of being able to sail again, albeit not as before. When can we go sailing again? Subject to meeting Bristol Water’s and our own criteria for a safe, [...]

Covid 19, corona virus update- looking forward 12-May-202020-05-25T15:53:27+01:00

Covid 19, Coronavirus Update email 05-May-20


How is this ongoing crisis impacting on our Sailing Club? Whenever I write something for the newsletter, it becomes out of date almost immediately – but my aim is to try and keep you informed. Inevitably thoughts are turning to an easing of the lockdown and getting back to sailing. Planning is underway. We [...]

Covid 19, Coronavirus Update email 05-May-202020-05-13T15:16:39+01:00

Sailing and Social Report 28-Apr-20


That is a man desperate for a sail! Two weeks have flown by (!) since the last News, and dare I even think the country’s mortality figures look a little better. Maybe some sort of change is in sight? Meanwhile, one or two of you have been letting me know how you have been [...]

Sailing and Social Report 28-Apr-202020-05-25T16:39:05+01:00

Sailing and Social Report 14-Apr-20


It speaks for itself - time to get 'virtually' afloat! Sailing Club News – Tuesday 14-Apr-20 Helen has sent me this brief update - Into week 4 of 'lockdown' and this glorious weather turns the mind to thoughts of sailing in warm sunshine. If it’s any consolation, there was almost no wind on the [...]

Sailing and Social Report 14-Apr-202020-04-30T10:20:20+01:00
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