Sailing and Social Report 14-Jan-21


Sailing Club News – Thursday 14-Jan-21 With the national lockdown still in place, the prospect for any active sailing club ‘news’ might seem bleak indeed! However, I have tried to unearth some summaries of what was happening over the festive sailing period before the pandemic intervened. The pictures from Helen and her security patrol [...]

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Sailing and Social Report 31-Dec-20


Phase 5 Return to sailing In view of the deteriorating Covid situation described in the government announcement 30-Dec-20, for the short term (hopefully) we have taken the responsible decision to suspend organised racing at the sailing club. The Resolution Trophy Race on Friday 01-Jan-20 is cancelled. However, we want to try and keep the [...]

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Sailing and Social Report 11-Dec-20


The changeable weather has been frustrating for those who are able and wanting to get back to some sailing – either no wind or too much. The forecast for this coming weekend seems to be on the ‘blowing dogs off chains’ side! I have my fingers firmly crossed for those of you in Tier [...]

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Sailing and Social Report 01-Dec-20


Sailing Club News – Tuesday 01-Dec-20 Well, I am sure I don’t have to tell any of you the good news from tomorrow! My problem is working out exactly how it will change my life with the exception of – we can get back to sailing!! (Well some of us can – which is [...]

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Sailing and Social Report 20-Nov-20


Sailing Club News – Friday 20-Nov-20 We are over halfway through the lockdown ‘light’ – the end is in sight. Helen has assured me from her security patrols that the wind on one weekend was too little for sailing, and the last one was too windy! I hope that makes you all feel a [...]

Sailing and Social Report 20-Nov-202020-12-01T17:39:16+00:00
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