Sailing and Social Report 11-Jul-19


Short Fat Silver's Island clearing team.... Sailing Club News - 11-Jul-19 The Club has been busy these past two weeks and I will try and get you up to date with what’s been happening. One notable fact is the emergence of the Mirrors with very small crews! Both the Steve Morris and the Regatta [...]

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Sailing and Social Report 27-Jun-19


Family Regatta 2008 - note the weather! Sailing Club News - 27-Jun-19 I am still feeling a little guilty about setting a course yesterday evening for the fast handicap boats which included a ‘stomach muscle cramping’ beat from mark 7 (the very South of the lake), to mark A (the very North). There was [...]

Sailing and Social Report 27-Jun-192019-07-12T09:48:19+01:00

Solo Open 08-Jun-19


by Errol Edwards Chew Valley Lake Solo Open © Charlie Chandler A total of six Solos entered the 2019 Chew Valley Lake Solo open meeting which was a lot considering the strong winds and even stronger gusts out in the middle of the lake. Even getting out to the start line was more than challenging, [...]

Solo Open 08-Jun-192019-06-17T13:37:09+01:00

Sailing and Social Report 30-May-19


The courageous, bold rescuers.... Sailing Club News - 30th May 2019 I have had a hectic week of ‘catch-up’ after deserting my post at Chew to enjoy a river cruise up the Mississippi. 640 miles against the flow of that impressively dangerous looking river – in full flood the whole way, and I didn’t [...]

Sailing and Social Report 30-May-192019-06-28T17:12:04+01:00
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