August Antics does it “Down Under”


Thirty five children took part in the annual fun filled sailing event (with an Aussie theme) over the Bank Holiday weekend culminating in the hotly contested Monday afternoon race and the water fight afterwards.  Marcus Stevens (from Tasmanian Devils) was the Topper race winner closely followed by Jago Lott and then Lizzie Cook.  Poppy Lott [...]

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We are all doing our bit for the Olympics


Unless you have read this on-line already, by the time you read it in your Newsletter the Olympics will be in full swing and CVLSC will have done and still will be doing its bit to support the games – especially so the Olympic Sailing Events; none more so than Club members Helen Martin and [...]

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Falmouth 2016


Wayfarers at Falmouth July 9th - 16th On a busy Saturday twelve Wayfarer sailors towing four boats made the 165 mile journey down to Falmouth for their annual summer cruise. John Lethridge (Lefty), who sailed with Colin Shepherd to the Scillies last year, joined us with his own Mark 4. Normally all boats are equipped [...]

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BUSA Western Team Trials


07:30 and the sun is just coming over the Mendips when the UWE team unlock the gate at Chew Valley and begin to prepare for the BUSA Western Qualifiers. One saving grace is that for the first time in the 3 years UWE has ran the event there is no ice to be seen. However, [...]

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Why not sail from Lands End to the Isles of Scilly and then back again in a Wayfarer Dinghy? This somewhat seemingly crazy idea came about following a successful non-stop circumnavigation of the Isle of Wight in 2014. This is an annual event that is very well organised by Jenny Jeffs, John Norman and a [...]

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