Looking for a Crew – Tim Barden


I've recently joined the club and am available to crew most Wednesday evenings and several weekends over the summer. I am an experienced sailor (including trapeze and spinnakers). Although, I have not sailed a dinghy for several years, I'm not completely out of touch as I have sailed yachts a bit over the last couple [...]

Looking for a Crew – Tim Barden2018-06-21T10:06:25+01:00

Crew or Helm


I'm josh 29 i'm a fairly new member to the club but have a bit of experience sailing. I'm eager to meet other members and sail with others hence I'm  looking for people who would be interested in sailing with me.  I currently don't own a boat and have been sailing the club wayfarer. I'd [...]

Crew or Helm2018-03-26T17:31:23+01:00

New Member from Datchet


I was looking for crewing opportunities at the club - I'm a new member joined from Datchet where I sailed a Dart 18 singlehanded. I have also raced the Flying Fifteens there too, and some asymmetricals some too but not RS 800 or anything too skiff-like. I'm 46 and 90kg, but reasonably fit so happy [...]

New Member from Datchet2018-03-16T16:46:03+00:00
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