Looking for a Crew – Tim Barden


I've recently joined the club and am available to crew most Wednesday evenings and several weekends over the summer. I am an experienced sailor (including trapeze and spinnakers). Although, I have not sailed a dinghy for several years, I'm not completely out of touch as I have sailed yachts a bit over the last couple [...]

Looking for a Crew – Tim Barden2018-06-21T10:06:25+01:00

Crew or Helm


I'm josh 29 i'm a fairly new member to the club but have a bit of experience sailing. I'm eager to meet other members and sail with others hence I'm  looking for people who would be interested in sailing with me.  I currently don't own a boat and have been sailing the club wayfarer. I'd [...]

Crew or Helm2018-03-26T17:31:23+01:00

New Member from Datchet


I was looking for crewing opportunities at the club - I'm a new member joined from Datchet where I sailed a Dart 18 singlehanded. I have also raced the Flying Fifteens there too, and some asymmetricals some too but not RS 800 or anything too skiff-like. I'm 46 and 90kg, but reasonably fit so happy [...]

New Member from Datchet2018-03-16T16:46:03+01:00

Sailing on Wednesday Evenings or Sundays


I am a new member of CVSC with an RS Vision, an ideal training boat with spinnaker. If anyone is interested in sailing on Wednesday evenings or Sundays please let me know. Ideally this would suit someone with some experience. I am on julianwiddicombe8@gmail.com or 0117 973 6547

Sailing on Wednesday Evenings or Sundays2017-08-29T11:32:18+01:00

Saturday or Sunday Sailing


I am interested in sailing with people my age (40) I have just moved to Bristol area, I have crewed before on yachts and I clocked up over 5,000 sea miles and 500 night hours but have not sailed for 8 years. I am free to sail on a sat or sunday and prefer sunny [...]

Saturday or Sunday Sailing2017-08-29T11:31:35+01:00