Sailing Report – Helen Martin, Vice Commodore

Lovely sunshine and warmth all day on Wednesday made for a most enjoyable day for cruisers and racers alike, shorties and shorts, sun cream and hats were, at last, the order of the day. An unexpectedly lively breeze popped up at lunchtime to give the school sailors a lot of fun. It gradually died but just about held out for the evening race. Thursday evening (8th) and Saturday sailing was blown off and Sunday proved exhilarating and challenging for everyone, including the intrepid Chew Crew.

Summer Solstice – Wed. 21st June

Come and enjoy the Club on the longest day of our 50th Anniversary year!
Morning: General Sailing from 10:00. Coffee etc., available – Rob & the galley staff preparing for lunchtime

Lunchtime: Salad lunch available with choice of meats etc., from the Galley + Bar open!

Afternoon social: please bring your photos & other memorabilia to update the CVLSC book. Various means of copying will be available on the day and we hope to produce a ‘50th’ CD. (Rumours have been heard about the Chew ‘sea shanty group’…) Rescue cover for afternoon sailing provided by schools / university sailing activities as usual. Round-off the afternoon with a cup of tea and a piece of special cake from the galley.

Early evening: pre-race snacks (and more cake) available from the galley.

Evening: 19:00 – Wednesday Evening Points (No. 10) / Summer Solstice Race. Bar & Galley open as usual.
General sailing is possible away from the race until approx. 20.30 – sunset is 21:30.

Family Regatta Day – 1st July

Family Regatta Day on 1st July is open to all – not just families. This is the one day a year we have permission to sail round Denny Island. If you haven’t yet sailed round or set foot on Denny Island, make this year your first time. (Please note: the Round the Island may be restricted depending on the level of weed.)

50th Anniversary Party – 1st July

Don’t forget to get your tickets IN ADVANCE (cut off Sunday 25th June) – via WebCollect or at the club. For details (including camper van and camping arrangements).