Sailing Report – Rob Mitchell, Commodore

Last Wednesday evening racing was always going to be challenging in 0 knots but a number of boats went afloat in the hope of change or perhaps to justify dinner and with a lamb rogan josh filling from the west and with gusts of turkey korma, they were eventually forced ashore.

Last Thursday evening saw light winds for some sociable sailing but enough to hoist kites for those that remembered them and a beer on the balcony after meant a delightful break to the working week. It was good to see Charlie and Luke out on the water with good boat speed and big smiles, Charlie attributing his success to date to having had “words from the master”.

Friday evening was Open Mic night and with Bonsey M, the Commodores, Bananaramarmarmana and the Dis-pointer Sisters on stage, it was an amazing event, even the threat of dancing at one stage and so look out for the next session and come along.

Sunday racing saw little of the forecast 4 knots materialise and what did was round the edges of the lake but race officer Jonny Harris with help from his Dad, Ken and Martin set some good triangle courses, delivering one morning race and two afternoon races in an increasing breeze. 8 Solos battled the light shifty morning zephyrs with weed avoidance critical and the fleet inverted on the last leg and whilst fewer sailed the afternoon races, the competition was no less intense with concentration the key and some very close racing.

Chew Crew perfected their capsize recovery technique, best repeated continually until seamless, as any 9 year old would tell you and lessons from the 35th America’s Cup were also observed keeping the Optibats up on the plane through the tack. Well done to the instructors for keeping the entertainment live throughout the morning and the big grins prevalent.

Ladies Social Sailing WhatsApp Group – Anna Mason

Following a recent Lake and Cake event, a group of ladies have started a Social Sailing WhatsApp group. So far it seems to be a great success! It’s a really easy way to find out who else might be free and help coordinate some fun, relaxed sailing at the club together. We’ve had several impromptu sailing meet ups already, and even when we can’t get down to the club it’s been lovely to stay in touch with what others have been up to and look forward to next time.

If there are other ladies who would like to be added to this group, please email Anna at If you’re new to WhatsApp, you can download it onto your phone through your Google Play Store or It’s like texting but to a whole group of people at once.