Dear Solo Sailors,

Early Summer Points AM

Although we were the most popular class on the water again today, the racing was very challenging. It looked to begin with as if the wind might perform as per the forecast and Ken Comrie our Race Officer drove his committee boat down to the leeward end of the lake confident that he might get two races away. However things began to deteriorate half way through the first race and we were finished after a just a lap of what was more like a game of ‘snakes and ladders’.

The race started well with everyone jostling for position at the pin end for a beat northwards up to 3. It was difficult to anticipate where the pressure would remain strongest however Dave Oakey read the conditions best and was first round the mark by some way. The rest of the fleet were quite bunched and first of all Chris Meredith, then Bob Phillips and then Rob Mitchell and John Ellis all seemed to find an invisible breeze to give chase and get more than just a foot on the ladder.. However by the time of the first of the downwind marks Dave Oakey was looking victorious and had extended his lead to a couple of hundred yards – however all was to change on the last leg with some winning and some losing, big time.

Where was the wind going to fill in from? Dave put his money on the left side of the course and was followed by Chris Meredith, Bob Phillips and John Nurser. Whilst Alex Dick saw a ‘ladder’ of opportunity and the promise of zephyrs on the right. Rob threw his dice, followed Alex found some healthy breeze and shot into the lead – whilst everyone else was left windless and in a hole. The course was shortened and suddenly Rob had won!

Many congratulations to our Commodore for making the right call – yet again, and for achieving another fine bullet to add to his tally – but commiserations must go to Dave who was for so long in the lead and was left stranded at the end of a very long and unforgiving ‘snake’.

Hope to see you all on the water again soon and with best wishes,

Solo 4336