Dear Solo Sailors,

With a wind chill factor of minus 2 and a stiff north easterly gusting up to a spine chilling 20 knots, today’s forecast was enough to put any sensible person off the idea of making it down to the Club today – but not our intrepid Solo Fleet. Some of our best sailors were on the water today, we were the biggest fleet on the lake again and we enjoyed some incredible racing. And our esteemed Commodore was blessed with a fantastic result in the afternoon!!

The Frostbite Series,

Solo Sailor Simon Chapman set a couple of excellent courses including some screaming reaches – and some risky jibes.

There was a refreshingly short Club Line and ‘A’ was used as the first mark upwind in the first race. Yet again, it was Chris Goldhawk who set the early pace and as so often happens in a bit of breeze the conditions served to emphasise the quality of our top sailors. By the end of the first lap Chris had stretched out a commanding lead which was only to increase as the race went on. Graham kept up with him best but there was some tighter duelling between Rob and Nick. The latter going exceptionally fast again bearing in mind his less rigid, wooden boat.

The beat was lengthened up to mark 2 for the afternoon race and we all looked to start at the pin end. Chris claimed pole position and I started off just behind Graham about five yards downwind (in his dirty L). The gusts were showering us with ice cold spray and if the temperature was below freezing, it didn’t feel like it having to work so hard to keep up with the pace. Rob went right early and found both additional pressure and a favourable lift and by the time of the first mark rounding he was only 20 yards behind Chris. The first of the downwind legs was fantastic: we were all looking for that little bit of extra breeze to get planning; and there was some good jostling for mark room come the first of the jibes.

Uncharacteristically and all of a sudden Chris swerved up to windward and started to play around with the foot of his main. The roped leech had somehow come out of his mast sleeve and he was all of a sudden vulnerable to attack. Rob saw his opportunity and flew past him into the lead – and was then determined not to let it go. At times it looked as if Chris might sneak through and on the last of the downwind legs the two of them were sailing side by side and by the lee such was the competitive spirit of the combat. However Rob held on and it was a delight to see the breadth of his smile come the final winning hooter. Many congratulations.

Ten Reason Why You Should Attend Our Training Day This Saturday 18th February

  1. All the top sportsmen worldwide undertake regular training
  2. It will be the single fastest way to beat Chris Goldhawk
  3. Even the best sailors need to be coaxed out of their bad habits
  4. Have you correctly calibrated all your settings?
  5. Have you looked at the twist in your sail recently?
  6. How far should you let your traveller out in 20 knots?
  7. What’s the secret to pinching around the windward mark?
  8. Did you know that Graham beat Charlie Cumbley on the Nation Champion’s last visit to Salcombe
  9. There is no better company than you fellow members of the Solo Fleet
  10. There’s no 6 Nations Rugby next Saturday……and the forecast is looking good
  11. …….and the next day is a Class Race Day for you to demonstrate how you have improved.

So, see you Saturday at 10.30am all dressed rigged and ready to go!