Racing again! A Dinwoodie spinnaker gybe…

Sailing Club News – Tuesday 28-Jul-20

Many of you have been enjoying a sail with some decent summer breezes to do the pushing. It has been good to see Rob in the galley serving more meals and Nick Edmonds and his Juniors and Youths take the first tentative steps back to training and coaching.
We have increased the number of sailing slots available to try and ensure you can sail when you prefer.
And there has been some racing to enjoy.

Return to sailing – Phase 2 update

*It is lovely to see some youth training restarting – well done Nick Edmonds and his team. Have a look on Webcollect- the co-ordinators would like to assess the level of interest.

*Thank you to everyone for following the guidance, it changes almost daily it seems! Also well done for carrying out duties so carefully and thoughtfully. For all of us it is different and many of you are being OODs for the first time – please do keep asking questions if anything is not clear.

*As the Government has eased restrictions, we have gradually increased the numbers of boats sailing in each session. Clearly with more people on site there are more of us handling the outer gate and padlock and there is greater use of the toilets.
Therefore to help with our “covid security”……..

There is hand gel at the gate and some anti-viral spray – please continue to use gloves and / or your own gel if you have them.
The toilets have large tubs of anti-viral wipes to clean flush handles, door handles, taps etc. please dispose of them in the pedal bins provided NOT down the toilets.

*Rob Hatherell is providing pre-booked meals on Wednesday evening and, as a trial, some food on Saturdays and Sundays– please support him but also remember if you are sailing the first session of each day you do still need to be off site in good time.
As of 24th July, we should now be wearing face covering to collect our food and drinks.

A few reminders:

*Are you still checking the most recent instructions to members?
They are regularly updated
Also, the guidance on use of club boats –

*Should you happen to arrive a little early do not expect the duty team to be ready to sign you in before the designated time- please give them a chance to get properly set up.

*On shore group size remains a maximum of 6 from different households.

*Do not leave trolleys in the water or blocking others on the large slipway, buddy up and help each other to keep it clear.

*The toilets are not alternative changing rooms – you need to minimise time inside.

*The whole club house and undercover boat store remain closed.

Any feedback on what is happening at the Club is always welcome.

Back to Racing Series 1

36 of us enjoyed two great races on Sunday 19th – the sun shone and there was a gusty 8-15knot Northerly breeze to blow the cobwebs away. After a briefing at 10.30 we had two races sailed back-to-back with three fleet starts – Fast Handicap, Lasers and Slow Handicap.
Even more booked in last Sunday – I wasn’t there to see it happen that time.
If you would like to join in with this, aim to book into the early sailing session on Sundays. We are hoping that there will be enough room for all who want to race to book a slot.

Many thanks are due to Keith Harris and Claire who take the committee boat to a starting area, leaving ‘their own’ RIB on the mooring, and sort everything out ‘on the water’.

I will shortly be approaching ‘volunteer’ race teams ideally from the same household or social bubble to take over from Keith; please let me know if you would be prepared to run early session Sunday racing either from the committee boat or the Race Hut.

Youth and Junior Training

The club have successfully trialled 3 junior/youth training sessions over the last few weeks, and are now planning a return of some of our normal training and coaching activities. To help gauge demand, and ease communication we’re asking club members to register their interest in potential junior and youth sessions via webcollect. Where we can we will then use the lists to prioritise the more popular sessions, and use the provided email addresses to communicate and share information and dates etc. Our old email lists will be retired so you will not receive updates unless you register on webcollect. So if you have any interest (even if you just want to be kept up to date) in your son/daughter taking part in the following you need to register asap please:

Potential Sessions (more details on webcollect form)

  • Learn to Sail
  • Chew Crew Intermediates
  • Topper Improver/Race Group
  • Feva Improver/Race Group
  • Laser Youth Race Group
  • 29er Race Group
  • Keelboat Race Group
  • Team Racing
  • August Antics (bank Holiday weekend)

Here’s the link –

If you have any questions, please contact Nick on –

Update on Adult Training

It’s great that the club is entering Phase 2 of our return to sailing. This gives us the opportunity to start offering some adult training.
As we are following the RYA’s guidelines on this we sadly can’t yet offer the beginners’ courses that are usually run in summer. However, we can offer some training and improver/coaching sessions for members at Level 2 (Basic Skills) standard and above. This will give members the opportunity to consolidate and improve the Level 2 skills and techniques they will have encountered (perhaps some time ago now), or to make progress towards their Level 3 (Better Sailing) qualification.
We will be flexible in this and will respond to demand as best we can, as we are enabled by the RYA’s guidance and as it can be fitted in alongside the club sailing sessions being run under the club’s Return to Sailing plan. Sessions would be costed much as the club’s Pay & Play scheme works – it would cover the hire of any club boats (if required) and the instructor’s expenses.

So if you would like to plan in some informal or formal training/coaching/improver session(s) please let me know what you’re after, when you would be available, and I’ll try to plan some sessions in with the help of the club’s instructing team.
Dave Orme, Chief Instructor,

Radio Sailing

As the picture shows, our small group continues to meet regularly and generally seem able to find a suitable windward/leeward course within radio range of the shore.
To find out more please send me a mail.

Calling all Lasers….

I realise it is hard to believe that there may be an un-loved Laser or two sitting forlornly in the dinghy park – but if you have one…
Gus and Jan, the Laser Fleet Captains, have had many enquiries from sailors wanting to buy Lasers. There seems to be a bit of shortage nationally, so if you have one you are thinking of selling there’s likely to be someone at the club who would like to buy it. You can contact the Fleet Captains at

Finally, do make the most of the opportunities to sail. Our site is outdoors and as covid-secure as it can reasonably be made. Sailing has to be one of the safest sporting activities from a cross infection perspective. Looking at our original sailing calendar, we would already be at Wednesday Evening series number 16 with only two more to complete the series! All too soon the days will be getting shorter….

I hope to see you enjoying the lake over the coming August weeks.



Can you spot this slippery intruder?!


A Fireball on a very tight reach!

29er coaching

Close RC racing