Sailing Club News – Saturday 06-June-20

As the Return to Sailing Phase 1 reaches its 4th day, it has been inspiring to see how much pleasure getting back on to the water has brought so many of us. Andy Jones tells me 131 different memberships have had a sail across the 282 pre-booked slots. As always, the benign weather has played a major part in the enjoyment, and helped to keep everyone safe. Hopefully this will still be the case tomorrow….
We are on the verge of being able to commission the re-instatement of the Southern pontoon which will be a huge relief to those of you that depend on it for safe launching and recovery. I hope you will not have to wait much longer.

Some words from Helen

As I write on Saturday morning the trees in the garden are all over the place, the forecast for today is for 20 odd knots gusting 30-40, so there probably wouldn’t have been much sailing today anyway! Tomorrow will be day 4 of “return to sailing phase 1” and it looks to be a nice day, hooray.

A reminder of our shared responsibility both on shore and on the water to be safe, to reduce the chance of needing the limited safety cover and of course to minimise the risk of transmitting the virus.
Please keep on reading Instructions for sailing and the linked guidance on Preparing your boat and Safe Boating. Are you carrying extra bits of “string” in your buoyancy aid in case of breakages? Have you a line long enough that someone in another similar boat could tow you in?
If you use the winch, please ensure you put the rope away in the green box and bring the walk ashore all the way back to the top of the slope and chock it at the end of each sailing session. Do not assume someone else will do it.

The Return to Sailing planning group and both club committees have taken a deep breath and are now working on what phase 2, 3 and 4 might look like, always following government guidelines and mindful of RYA advice.

Keep in touch, feedback always welcome.
Helen Martin
07711 160790

Virtual Regatta Series wrap up and Final Fling this Sunday 07-Jun-20 @ 6pm

The return to wet water sailing, albeit in a limited way, has curtailed the exploits of the Virtual racing group somewhat over recent weeks and with real sailing now clashing with the previous e-series we have decided to bring things to a close. Alex Corby finished as our Wednesday Champion, beating off Fin Oliver and Andy Jones in a distant 3rd, and he also won the Sunday series, followed by Spring Club Champ Ted Lane and a rapidly improving Toby Peacock. With over 30 boats competing in each series, places throughout were extremely tight and apart from the top 2 or 3 no-one was able to maintain any real consistency; catastrophe was always only the slip of a keystroke, or a glitch in your wifi, away!

But that’s not the end of the adventure – lured by the sniggly Stars, the furiously fast 49ers, wild Nacras, tactical J70s, extreme F50s and F18s and sedate offshore racers, with the guarantee of a decent wind and exotic locations, we are planning one Final e-fling this Sunday 07-Jun-20 at 6pm to end the series with a bang.

Full details will be posted on the VR whatsapp group, (message Andy J on 07720412505 and he will add you if you want to join in), but the plan is to host as many different class races as possible over a max 1 1/2 hours to determine an overall Champion. Aids will be allowed, so the normal out of control antics and crashes will be reduced but almost certainly not eliminated!
Alternatively, if you just want to join the zoom social and ‘watch’ the racing antics from the comfort of your living room, you will be able to do so: again Andy will give you the zoom details on the Whatsapp group.

So, let’s give the race management a problem and try to grow our numbers to three fleets for this final event – Andy assures me he will have a cunning plan for this eventuality!!
It would be really good to see everyone that has ‘dipped their toe in’ over the months, and even better to see some new faces – you will be made very welcome.
If you haven’t already, click this link to get going.

Radio Sailing

If you have been reading the News during lockdown, you will have seen the efforts that have gone in to build/improve the Dragonflite 95 yachts that we already have in our group.
We have now enjoyed our first sail, avoiding Wednesdays and Sundays so there is no addition to any crowding on site.
If any of you have a radio yacht, preferably a Dragonflite but this is not exclusive, please send me an email so that I can make you aware of the specific instructions which will apply to us sailing.

Whatever you are up to, stay safe,
John Smalley –

Weds 27-May-20

Weds 27-May-20

Guess Who??

Burnham Yacht Club and someone’s pulled the plug out again!

Aren’t we lucky?

Dragonflite 95