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Avian flu has been found present in a small number of birds at Chew Valley lake and we all need to work together to help prevent any potential spread. Please follow guidance detailed in the club news and signed around the clubhouse when visiting the club. More details about the flu can be found at the links below:
NHS advice on Bird flu
Government advice and guidance

Youth News & Calendar

Junior & Youth Summer Program 05-Mar-19

The finishing touches are just being put to the 2019 Summer program for the club’s junior and youth sailors. Over the next few weeks, specific announcements will be going out for each of the activities; [...]

Youth Winter Race Training 19-Oct-18

The youth section have been busy organising winter race training for our younger members.Coaching sessions for Lasers, Fevas and 29ers are now available for booking on webcollect .Depending on demand, Topper race training may [...]

Youth Report 03-Aug-18

It’s been a busy past week for our travelling youth racers who all faced a very mixed bag of conditions across their events. Very windy at the start of the week causing fleets to [...]

March 2024

No Events

April 2024

Sun 14-Apr-24

Instructor Training Day

Sat 20-Apr-24

RYA Stage 1 - session 1

Sun 21-Apr-24

Chew Crew session 1

Sat 27-Apr-24

RYA Stage 1 - session 2

Sun 28-Apr-24

Chew Crew session 2

May 2024

Sun 05-May-24

Chew Crew session 3

Sat 11-May-24

RYA Stage 1 - session 3

Sun 12-May-24

Chew Crew session 4

Sat 18-May-24

RYA Stage 1 – session 4

June 2024

Sun 09-Jun-24

Chew Crew session 5

Sat 15-Jun-24

RYA Stage 2 - session 1

Sun 16-Jun-24

Chew Crew session 6

Sat 22-Jun-24

RYA RYA Stage 2 - session 2

Sun 23-Jun-24

Chew Crew session 7

Sat 29-Jun-24

RYA Stage 2 - session 3

Sun 30-Jun-24

Chew Crew session 8

July 2024

Sat 06-Jul-24

RYA Stage 2 - session 4

Sun 07-Jul-24

Chew Crew session 9

Sat 13-Jul-24

RYA Stage 3 - session 1

Sun 14-Jul-24

Chew Crew session 10

Sat 20-Jul-24

RYA Stage 3 - session 2

Sun 21-Jul-24

Chew Crew session 11

August 2024

No Events

September 2024

No Events

October 2024

Sat 05-Oct-24

Topper Coaching

Sun 06-Oct-24

Topper Open

November 2024

No Events

December 2024

No Events

January 2025

No Events

February 2025

No Events
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