Sailing Club News – Friday 19-Jun-20

Once again it has been great to see so many of you enjoying the opportunity to have a sail. We very much hope that introducing Saturdays to the booking system will allow everyone to be able to book and choose their preferred day. And with the use of Club Boats becoming considered as a possibility – watch this space – it means another step back to ‘normality’.
The pictures in this news are mostly thanks to Ann Belcher – our very own ‘David Bailey’! As you will see, there has generally been very little wind which has meant some great reflections and artistry, but not so much white water spray! That may change on Sunday….

We have been pleased to see the phase 1 return to sailing roll out over June with over 150 members taking to the water across almost 500 pre-booked slots.

Thank you all for your support and understanding in adhering to the sailing instructions during this period.

As you would expect, we are thinking hard about the next phase of our return, being mindful always of the need to adhere to Government and RYA Advice and guidelines in taking a considerate and conservative approach.

Some notes from Helen

Looking ahead : “Return to sailing phase 2”

We would like to get as many people as possible sailing safely, always aiming to follow government and RYA guidelines and advice. So, what is in the pipeline?

*From 27-Jun-20, you will be able to book sailing sessions on Saturdays
* We are working on a process to make a limited number of club boats available each sailing day for members to book. Details will be circulated soon.
* A second planning group is working on phased re-opening of galley and bar facilities and, much further ahead, the clubhouse, changing rooms, showers etc.
* The Sailing Committee is looking at how to organise some more formal racing and training, once the restrictions on numbers exercising together is eased.

Safety and Risk – something to think about.

Following a yet to be published incident on another lake – please consider these circumstances. A sailor capsized in a single-handed dinghy; her hair caught in the mainsheet block such that she was being pushed underwater. It seems she just managed to get out her whistle and blow it before losing strength. Fortunately, someone heard the whistle, a safety boat got to her and pulled her out of the water. She was resuscitated and sent to hospital.
The thoughts that spring to mind are to consider tying up long hair to prevent entanglement and perhaps have a whistle handy….

Boat park and site tidy

The site is getting tidier and tidier thanks to you sorting out your spaces and to the hard working team of strimmers and tree pruners. This year’s boat registration stickers should by now be on your boats. We do appreciate however that some members may not yet be able to get to the club. If that is the case please contact Rosie –
She will liaise with Allen and Jon so that your boat is identified and not moved.

I am sure if you have visited the club in the last couple of weeks, you will have noticed the growing pile of probable scrap metal. Anything unmarked and that appears unserviceable is gradually being moved to the pile by the slope to the upper boat park. The scrap lorry will be scheduled for early July. If you want to check that nothing has been inadvertently moved, please do so within the next two weeks.

Please ensure that masts in the undercover boat store or loose in the boat park are clearly marked with your name and membership number.
Another reminder that trailers should be stored under your boat or off site and, if on site, they should also be clearly marked with your name and membership number.

Keep in touch, feedback always welcome.
Helen Martin

Virtual Regatta Series

Wrap up and Final Fling Sunday 07-Jun-20

19 of the regular ‘runners and riders’ did battle for what was meant to be the last time on the 07-Jun-20.
Alex Corby, who has been a regular face at the front, won with a tally of 14 points from the 7 races. (We had 2 discards!). Toby Peacock, who has proved very consistent was second, with myself third (a miracle!) and Paul Smalley 4th. Chris Goldhawk and Nigel Appleton continued their bickering Solo battle not far behind!
However, this has not been the end; Thursday evening has become the time to exorcise our competitive urges as Toby Peacock has taken over the organisation from Andy Jones. In the process he ‘took over’ Andy’s Club log-in only to discover that there were many significant improvements allowed for the organiser….! Andy has denied all knowledge! His boats seem quicker for a start!
Please join in what has become a very friendly group without some of the noisy, Solo sailing alpha males!!
Message me on 07817 025139 to be added to the Whatsapp group for the racing details.

Radio Sailing

For those interested, the small, but slowly growing Radio Sailing group have been taking advantage of the quiet days to get together and race our Dragonflites (and a lonely Laser!).
The preferred time is 11.00am on Thursdays though, if the winds look more favourable, we move to Saturdays.

Booking a sailing slot on Sunday 21-Jun-20

Look out for a separate email with booking details hitting your inboxes this evening….

In the meantime, stay safe and sail if you can!
John Smalley –

Richard Thomas returning to shore

Dragonflites catch weed even more effectively than a K1!

Socially distanced racing

John Shimell barging in!