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Sailing Club news 15-Aug-20

A little bit of rain to water the garden and to drive me inside….. lots of short items in this newsletter.
If you are able to sail I hope you are enjoying it and do spare a thought for those loyal members who can’t get on the water at the moment

Steven Smith, Bristol Water Lakeside Manager has asked me to pass on thanks to members for being so diligent in locking the outer gate. It is helping reduce the number of “interlopers” ( my word not his) onto environmentally sensitive private land.

Water levels have dropped further – beware shallow areas at the lake edge and Little Denny. If you aren’t sure where they are, please ask.

The lake continues to have elevated levels of blue green algae- please take the precautions highlighted in previous newsletters.

The RYA have released further guidance and risk assessment on double hander sailing- many of you may have already seen it. Here’s the link: https://www.rya.org.uk/SiteCollectionDocuments/clubs/RYA%20Sailing%20%26%20Racing%20in%20Mixed%20Households.pdf

In view of the clubhouse remaining closed you might wish to consider a ‘Dry Robe’ type garment to keep you warm whilst changing in the car park and to aid “changing discretely”.

Looking Ahead

Wednesday 12th would have been the last of the Wednesday evening series – yes really, the nights are drawing in!! We’ll soon be reviewing the timing of Wednesday sessions; OK until the end of August, however, please remember that we have to be off the water by an hour before sunset, i.e. 7:25 on the 19-Aug-20. ( This is due to the terms of our lease, it’s to protect the bird roost).

In response to members’ requests and to help them get on the water, we’d like to trial the option of one occasional sailing guest per member to sail with you in your boat. (There’ll be another line on the booking form to give the name and contact details of your guest). Members will, of course be responsible, for ensuring that their guest has read the “instructions to members” so that they know about our “Covid security” measures.

The General Committee is conscious that with the clubhouse closed we are not making minutes available to members on the noticeboard. If you would like to see them please contact the Hon Secretary, Chris Sunderland secretary@chewvalleysailing.org.uk

A “heads up” that the AGM in October is likely to have to be managed via Zoom.

President, Vice-President, Commodore and Vice-Commodore have all completed 3 years. The Commodore and VC will be standing down this year. If anyone is interested to find out about these roles, perhaps for the future if not immediately, please get in touch with me, John or Rob.

As always, please keep in touch- very happy to hear from you.

Helen Martin, Commodore commodore@chewvalleysailing.org.uk

Steve Nash and Crew

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