The changeable weather has been frustrating for those who are able and wanting to get back to some sailing – either no wind or too much. The forecast for this coming weekend seems to be on the ‘blowing dogs off chains’ side!
I have my fingers firmly crossed for those of you in Tier 3 hoping the 16-Dec-20 brings you down a notch.

Changes to Members Instructions

Most importantly, there have been some changes to our Covid restrictions at the Club.
Please make sure to read the latest, updated version of our Members Instructions before coming to sail. There is always a link to this in the booking email.
The Committee are interpreting the cold weather months as necessitating an essential use of the changing rooms to change AFTER sailing.
The intention is that members should still arrive at the club changed for sailing, or ready to change into your sailing kit in the car park. However, the changing rooms will be open for limited numbers after sailing for those that choose to use them.

Members should enter and exit the changing rooms via the side doors on the entrance balcony. Numbers at any one time will be limited to the maximum number shown on the whiteboard immediately outside the door as you enter; 10 in the gents side, and 6 in the ladies. Provided the maximum number has not been reached, as you enter to change, please write your membership number where indicated (there is a hand sanitiser to clean the pen and your hands).
On entry, please use the sanitising wipes to clean the area you will change in, and also to clean the area when you exit. Wear a face mask at all times, unless you need to temporarily remove it when stripping off layers and keep socially distant from others using the changing room.
On exit, remember to remove all your kit and erase your number from the whiteboard to indicate a vacancy.
The showers and toilet cubicles in both changing rooms must remain closed sadly.

The Bar room is also open for eating as instructed by Rob Hatherell (our club caterer). Please help remind people that they should wear a face covering when moving about in the clubhouse when buying drink and food, and that the recently announced changes also means they may only sit at a table with those people in their household or support bubble.

Duty volunteers are desperately needed

Our dutyman supremo, Tom Skailes, is wrestling with the problem of filling gaps in the duty rota brought about by the members sadly stuck in Tier 3.
Please contact him if you are one of the lucky ones with less restrictions to facilitate sailing for those who can. There is a need for Rescue Boat Helms, Race Officers and Assistants to complete the manning for December and into January.
Contact Tom on –

Tap Trophy Saturday 26-Dec-20 and Resolution Trophy Friday 01-Jan-21

Weather permitting, we are hoping to run both of these races.
Booking emails will be sent in the normal way. Start times on both days is 13.30. Single ‘all in’ handicap starts.
These races are always run by volunteers. Please, if you are willing to assist Andy Jones on the 26-Dec-20, or me on 01-Jan-21, get in touch:-

Virtual Prize Giving – Saturday 12-Dec-20 7pm

Yes – the prize giving is scheduled for tomorrow evening!
Please support Andy Jones and his Sailing Committee who have managed to salvage what was one of the best evenings at the Club in happier times by putting on an alternative to Strictly (!); there is always iplayer for those of you who can dance as well as sail!
There is a new set of Sailing Rules coming out and there is no-one more knowledgeable than Mark Rushall to answer any questions you may have about anything to do with racing sail boats.

Please Spare a Thought – Brian Brooks

I do not think too many members will disagree with me when I say that the upcoming festive season is going to be markedly different from all previous years. But I will not dwell on “that subject”. I guess we have all heard and read enough.

I would ask instead that you spare a thought for two long standing members who have both gone that extra mile in supporting the membership of our club and who have recently experienced serious health problems.

I refer to Mike Meloy and Chris Face; neither of these members are currently enjoying particularly good health and, for those of you who have been long term members of the club, you will most definitely know them.

Mike served as Rear Commodore for me when I was Commodore and even took on a second term. However, most of you must remember Mike as the guy who got you through your Powerboat Level 2 course. This was not an activity that was only happened on a sailing day. Mike could be seen on any day of the week giving and devoting his time to pass on his power boat skill to other members; our gratitude for his efforts being rewarded by awarding him Honorary Membership of the club.

Unfortunately, Mike has suffered a series of strokes and a heart attack recently that hospitalised him for some time. He is now at home and receiving day care. His dear wife Ann informs me that he is making slow progress, but that his activities have been seriously curtailed.
Chris Face – where do I start with a character like Chris. He can best be described as proactive. Always on the lookout for ways of improving the sailing skills of the youth at the club. Designing and building shore-based training aids for the beginners. He has left his mark in so many ways visible around our club.

However, there are two facts that he is noted for; that of his initial involvement in assisting with the establishment and provision of disabled sailing at the club (CLADS). Chris spent many years of his time at the club teaching the less abled how to sail.

His other notable skill is his perceived magic with a piece of rope. Chris could tie any knot that existed – and so quickly, without any reference to a textbook, and finish up with a first-class job.

Chris gave lessons to members on knot tying on a Saturday, often amazing his audience at how quickly he could tie the most complex knots!
Unfortunately, Chris also no longer enjoys good health. He has spent most of the past ten weeks in Hospital where his condition has dictated that he has a Tracheostomy procedure. Unfortunately this means that day care is required which is something his dear wife Mary is unable to administer.

This has led to the Hospital having to find a Nursing Home that has a staff member on hand to see to Chris on a day to day basis. They may well have to learn a few knots to keep him tied to a bed!

This is indeed a sad ending to Chris’s sailing career.

We all wish Chris and Mike and their families well, as do we wish all of our members good health during this difficult period.

Thank you for your indulgence Brian Brooks

Radio Sailing

We have perhaps been the most fortunate sailing group since the lockdown eased, being able to choose the best weather day from a Wednesday or Thursday to meet, compare our rigs and then complete a dozen or so short races. Lately it is the cold which has proved the limiting factor – finding gloves that can stop fingers going numb!
John Shimell has constructed a set of small, easily moved racing buoys and Simon Conway brings a timing loudspeaker with a posh northern lady telling us exactly how many seconds to the start….
If any of you would like to come along and ‘have a go’ please get in touch with either
John Shimell – or
Errol Edwards –

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the Club in the next weeks, but in any event, wish you all the very best for this festive season and a real wish for happier times in 2021
John Smalley –

Whiteboards to ‘log in’ to changing rooms

Auto hand sanitiser and wipes in changing rooms

Sunrise somewhere some of you will have sailed…

Two chilly radio sailors!

Dragonflite ‘B’ rig

Well spread out