Wednesday evening series SoSlows racing in for their curry!

Your club needs you!!

We are looking for 2 or 3 volunteers to form a team to work alongside Peter Barnes, our club dinghy bosun, with a view to taking over from him at the end of the year. Peter has carried out this role, looking after and organising maintenance of our Club fleet of dinghies, quietly and efficiently for 9 years – time indeed for a well earned rest!! The fleet has grown over the years and sharing the load amongst a small team seems the best way forward.
This is a perfect opportunity to be able to ‘give something back’ to the Sailing Club – if you would like to find out more contact me and I’ll put you in touch with Peter.
Thanks in anticipation, Helen Martin, Commodore

Family Fun Day on Sunday 28-Jul-19

Turned out to be just what it said on the tin for those who turned up to enjoy it, and also the ones who did not expect it to be happening, but joined in anyway.
The sun shone and there was a gentle breeze in the morning for the waterborne word search. Over 20 boats set out at 11am and the first correct answer was not returned for an hour and 40 minutes! Lesson learned by the organiser (me!) – next time choose a simpler word! John Kelly’s clues attached to the marks caused some head scratching – e.g. Who runs our galley? Rick Stein, Rob Hatherell or Gordon Ramsay!!! 11 boats got there in the end and prizes were awarded all round.
The Topper Team racing in the afternoon was contested by 5 teams – the wind had got up somewhat meaning plenty of entertainment for the shore-side supporters. Alex Knight and Paul Smalley revived their love affair for Toppers(!) teaming up with that hotshot crew Ruth Kenyon to win all their matches. The runners up spot was a closely contested duel by two Laser teams – ‘Too Many Cookes’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (a cruel way to describe Pete Sherwin I felt!). The family Cooke won the showdown. Nick Martindale did a great job single-handedly running the Committee Boat.
Most people had a go at the Stig Challenge in a Tera – Josh Preater timed the runs all day. The worthy winner was Lizzy Cooke; the stronger afternoon wind benefitted the later attempts but she got the better of William and that racy Ruth. The lardier ones came next – Alex Knight and Josh himself… I hope the Sailing Committee will schedule this again next year, and even more come along to enjoy the fun.

Lake and Cake 4 on Saturday 03-Aug-19

A select band of diehard lake and cakers (the ones who were not away on fabulous holidays) met early to be entertained by Chris Face and his knotting knowledge. A very entertaining hour spent learning some new knots such as the highwayman’s hitch and thief knot! (A little bird tells me one of those ladies asked him about bondage knots….!!)
The weather was warm with a lovely gentle breeze and a little rain. Pete Sherwin kindly arranged a triangle course and oversaw 3 races with 9 starts which were extremely educational as the line became quite port biased as the wind moved round; so everyone got to try out different starting techniques. Jo Cudmore consistently took the lead in all 3 races. The ladies sailed a variety of single handlers including a topper, a sunfish, radial & 4.7 rigged lasers.
Having refreshed their minds with the joy of being on the lake they repaired to the bar to recharge their bodies with cake and chat including an informal debrief from Pete. “Cakes” included Cucumber sandwiches, pear upside down, and orange and courgette cake, scones with home made jam, brownies and rock buns all amazingly yummy and washed down with copious amounts of tea!
All ladies of any standard of sailing are warmly invited to join in these fun Saturdays which are all about the camaraderie and fun and, if you would like to team up with a more experienced sailor on the day, this can be arranged.
The next lake n’ cake sail is on Saturday 31-Aug-19, meet in the bar at 1:45 rigged & ready. If you would like to be added to the lake n’ cake email contact list and WhatsApp group please contact Rosie on

Class Race Day 3 – Sunday 04-Aug-19

The wind was shifty all day causing headaches for Race Officer, Colin Evans, but in the end he achieved 3 good length races.
The largest fleet by far was the Lasers. That racing dark horse, John Spellman turned up for the afternoon and showed them all a clean pair of heels to win both races. Julian Cooke kept the rest in order in second place.
In the nine boat Handicap fleet, the morning race was won by Fiery Fred in his Finn followed by Dave Sweet and Jacqui Ireland in an RS200. But then the afternoon was dominated by the two Mirrors sailed by Paul Smalley and Peter, and me with Grandson Harry – sadly in that order in both races!
As always it was nip and tuck in the Flying Fifteen fleet with little separating them. The winner was Andy Bones and Lynne Adams from Russ and Jane.
Dave Oakey and Toby Peacock finished in that order in the Solos, but the morning race was won by Gary Molton – you should have stayed for the afternoon, Gary!

Looking Ahead

Admirals Chase 4 and Summer Points 7 and 8 – Sunday 11-Aug-19

This is the halfway stage in these two series – a ‘single start’ all-in handicap race in the morning and fleet racing as usual in the afternoon.

Evening Points 18 – Wednesday 14-Aug-19

Yes, it hurts to write it, but this will be the end of this summer’s evening series, one of the busiest and most closely fought of recent years. No more Gordon Ramsay curries for me(!!!)
However, don’t forget the two ‘wind down’ Wednesdays on 21st and 28-Aug-19. Also remember the earlier start times of 6.30 and then 6.15pm.
These last two races do not have duty teams allocated – VOLUNTEERS will be needed each evening, please.

August Antics – Saturday 24th and Sunday 25-Aug-19

This annual junior extravaganza is almost upon us. The plan is to run a fun Intermediate Group for Stage 1 sailors and above, and a race training group for those looking to try out and improve their racing skills. It is not too late for Juniors to register – you can enter via Webcollect.
If you have any queries contact Nick Edmonds

I would like to thank Ann Belcher for responding to my desperate appeal for pictures in the last news. All the ones today were taken on a Wednesday evening a couple of weeks ago.
There is always a need for more! Enjoy your August sailing,

John Smalley

Steve Nash and Crew

Beautiful Fireballs!

The Heavyweights!

A rash of Lasers!

A pair of Roses in their Scorpion

RS 700