Summer Solstice

Date and Time 21-Jun-17 Wed 00:00


Summer Solstice

Come and enjoy the Club on the longest day of our 50th Anniversary year!

Morning: General Sailing from 10:00. Coffee etc., available – Rob & the galley staff preparing for lunchtime

Lunchtime: Salad lunch available with choice of meats etc., from the Galley + Bar open!

Afternoon social: please bring your photos & other memorabilia to update the CVLSC book. Various means of copying will be available on the day and we hope to produce a ‘50th’ CD. (Rumours have been heard about the Chew ‘sea shanty group’…) Rescue cover for afternoon sailing provided by schools / university sailing activities as usual. Round-off the afternoon with a cup of tea and a piece of special cake from the galley.

Early evening: pre-race snacks (and more cake) available from the galley.

Evening: 19:00 – Wednesday Evening Points (No. 10) / Summer Solstice Race. Bar & Galley open as usual.

General sailing is possible away from the race until approx. 20.30 – sunset is 21:30.