Further to Thursday’s newsletter, it has been pointed out to me that “all sailing is suspended” could do with some clarity. Here goes:

All of the following are cancelled:

General sailing and racing
Youth training on or off the water
RYA training on or off the water
Powerboat training on or off the water
Group Member activities
Open Events
Club Duties
Social events

The Club House is closed.

We (GC and Directors) are compiling a list of questions / issues to consider as we look forward and will start to address them next week.

Steven Smith, Bristol Water, has asked me to let you know that the picnic areas and footpaths remain open – be aware of guidance on social distancing and hygiene.

Please take care and keep in touch, your support and help is MUCH appreciated – this is new territory for us all.

Best wishes as always

Helen. commodore@chewvalleysailing.org.uk