I am writing on behalf of the Directors and General Committee. As will be the case with you all, we are excited at the imminent prospect of being able to sail again, albeit not as before.

When can we go sailing again?

Subject to meeting Bristol Water’s and our own criteria for a safe, phased return to sailing we are working towards the first limited phase commencing in late May /early June.

Why not now?

Following virtual meetings with Bristol Water this morning, 12-May-20, and of the Club’s General Committee this evening we will develop our plan further. Trying to navigate through government guidance and certain unhelpful press releases has made us determined to continue to plan our return to the water in a cautious way, mindful of our responsibilities and liabilities as Directors and General Committee members and, of course, our responsibilities to you the members. The RYA guidance appeared at about 2pm this afternoon; the RYA virtual workshops for clubs to share their thinking and planning are scheduled for 14-May-20 Thursday this week.
A small sub-committee will be finalising the plans and procedures in the coming days and we will communicate the details to you as soon as we can.

Can I visit the site to check my boat and tidy my boat space?

The guidance is not clear. Should you feel it is appropriate and decide it meets the government guidelines please note the following:

  • you observe all the social distancing and personal hygiene instructions
  • be aware you will be touching padlocks and gates that others may have touched before you and will touch after you, therefore you must protect yourself and others- bring you own hand sanitiser and/or gloves
  • the outer gate must remain locked at all times.
  • be aware that the clubhouse remains closed, there are no toilet facilities on site.

We will be sending regular updates, please look out for them.
Take care

Helen Martin Commodore