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Chew Crew

Friendly informal group tuition is provided for youngsters aged between 8 (by the 01-May-18), and 16. Dinghy Instructors, Assistant Dinghy instructors and experienced club members will give tuition. We use Optibats, Topper and Terra dinghies with full safety cover on Sunday Mornings from 10 am from May to September.

These sessions provide a marvellous opportunity for personal development of our children acquiring the skills of sailing and seamanship whilst having fun on the water. The sessions are open to all youngsters with Stage 2 ability.

Please note the following points:

  • Junior Sailing takes place every Sunday morning between 10.00 and 13.00.
  • Please be punctual to maximise time on the water.
  • Juniors must register on arrival and sign out before leaving.
  • Juniors must wear a correctly fitted Life Jacket or Buoyancy Aid and protective footwear at all times. A wet suit is highly desirable.
  • Plenty of warm clothing should be brought each week, including windproof and/or shower proof jacket a change of clothes and shoes.
  • No boat is allowed to sail unless the Rescue Boat is in attendance.
  • All Juniors must be prepared to enter the water for capsize drill, and be able to swim.

Junior Sailing relies on adult volunteers for the wide range of jobs that keep this activity going. Please will parents or guardians indicate in the space available on the Junior Application Form how they can help us with Junior Sailing. Once applicants have been confirmed parents will be contacted to find out more.  Adult helpers will be sent a form that needs to be completed in regard to the necessary child protection procedures. Please don’t be offended by this;  it is an essential procedure to protect our volunteers. Please note that all children must be accompanied by an adult helper in order to be allowed on the water.

Junior Sailing 2017

We had a fantastic summer season on the water. There was a change how we ran Chew Crew last year with the introduction of RYA Stage 1&2 Courses, which ran at capacity. Chew Crew ran on Sunday mornings and all the sailors progressed while having an amazing time. There were some challenging conditions to sail in this year but the sailors coped incredibly well and came away more confident in their abilities. There were new friendships formed and new challenges reached. I’d like to thank all the volunteers for their help last year. Without their dedication and time Junior Sailing couldn’t happen.

RYA Stage 1 & 2

The RYA Stage 1 & 2 course will start from May and this will be a 5-6 week course depending on weather and competence of the people on the course.

We will be running another RYA Stage 1 & 2 Course end of June, so don’t worry if you don’t get on the first one! You can also register with Rich Hole on the Training link of the website if you wish your children to complete any other RYA courses during the summer.

I am still working on the programmes for the year but this is going to be the main content.

Beginner Sailing RYA Stage 1 & 2

Beginner Sailing RYA Stage 1 & 2 cost of £95 per child. Max 6 participants (Sunday Mornings)

This is based on newcomers coming to the sport of sailing with little or no experience of being on a sailing dinghy. Participants must be aged 8 years old and above. The course will run on Sunday mornings for 5-6 weeks.

A RYA Dinghy Instructor following the course syllabus will run this course. There will be need of Parent helpers.

Please note if the weather is bad there will be on shore based activities and theory sessions

Intermediate Skills and Fun Skills Sailing

Intermediate Skills and Fun Skills Sailing. Max 12 per group.
(Sunday mornings if more people then the groups will be split up in to A & B weeks)

This group is for people who have had some sailing experience and are gaining confidence on the water. They should be able to sail a sailing dinghy in light weather conditions and if necessary will be pared up with another more experienced sailor.
There will be a programme of activities on and off the water to gain confidence and learn skills in a fun environment. We are keeping numbers lower as it is difficult for Instructors and helpers to keep the group together if more.
The group will have the options of trying different boats such as Terra, Topper, Feva or Visions, which gives participants the chance of trying big boat sailing.

I hope to get other members of the Clubs Fleet Captains to give some information to this group and maybe even some taster sessions.
This group will be mainly run with a Dinghy Instructor or Assistant instructor and Parent helpers.

Please note if the weather is bad there will be on shore based activities and theory sessions instead of being on the water

For more information see RYA Youth Beginners Courses

I hope that the above explains what we are hoping to cover this summer and if you have any questions or worries please feel free to contact me at

Mike Kew
Chew Crew coordinator