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Chew Crew

Happy New Year to you all and I hope that the festive period was kind to you all?

Over the last few months we have been having regular meetings about Chew Crew and other aspects for the junior section of the club.

If you had not heard or didn’t know, Claire and Jackie stood down from Chew Crew in October 2016 after 3 years of looking after and maintaining records and running Sunday mornings. They have both worked really hard with the younger members of the club and our thanks go out to them for their efforts over the last 3 years… Many thanks to you both for your hard work!

So what happens now I hear you all gasp!!

I have offered my assistance to take on the Junior Sections of the Club but there will be some changes made after April and this is why I am writing to all members of Chew Crew and other junior members of the sailing Club.

Who am I?

I am Mike Kew and I have been assisting with Chew Crew for the last 4 years as a Dinghy Instructor and recently Powerboat Instructor at the Club.
I have also organised and run August Antics over the last 2 years and assisted in the 2 years before that.

So after meetings and discussions with other Instructors, Helpers and Parents this is our proposed programme for Chew Crew members from May to October 2017.

New, Novice & Beginner Sailors

New, Novice & Beginner sailors will be given a 4 to 6 Week RYA Stage 1 / 2 Training course to gain the skills they need to move forward. These courses will be run out over the course of the warmer months May – September, however there will only be 6 participants per course. This means that the participants get more Instructor time and hopefully gain confidence and a certificate at the end of the course.

These courses will be run on Sunday mornings 10am – 1pm.
Parents will be given dates of the courses before hand and course information will be sent out prior to April 2017.
Your child will need to be signed up to the course and attend each week for the duration of the course to achieve the level needed and be aged 8 years plus. There will be a course fee of £90.00 per participant. Once they have gained their qualification they can move on to Chew Crew Improvers or sign up to other RYA Courses later in the year.

Improvers / Intermediate sailors: will have a couple of routes at this point to proceed within Chew Crew.

Intermediates and building on existing sailing skills.

Sunday Mornings:
Many of our younger members have not wanted to go down the route of racing or have felt that they were not yet ready, but still wish to sail and have fun with other members of Chew Crew.
We are hoping to gain parent helpers and Assistant Instructors to assist with this group. It maybe that there is not an Instructor available to work with this group some mornings. This group would have Rib Support and there would be a mixture of fun, games and social sailing with some skills training to maintain and develop skills.
There will also be the option of trying other boats such as Terra’s, Topper’s, Feva’s and Visions as and when these boats are available.
If bad weather there would be some classroom based activity or group activity. There will be a Maximum number of 15 participants per session.

Junior “Get into Racing”

Sunday afternoons:
The aim of this group is to gain skills to go around a small triangular course, away from the other Club racers to help gain confidence and knowledge of racing techniques and racing terms.
This is aimed to be fun and get the participants to a level of sailing that they feel comfortable and in control.
There will be Toppers and Terra’s available if needed.
There will be some Classroom Theory sessions if there is bad weather.
Once participants have reached a suitable level and been assessed they can ask to move to the Monthly Race Squad by the Instructors.

Monthly “Race Squad” (by Invitation only)

This will be for the more advanced sailors to get them into racing at the Club.
I have been working closely with Julian Cooke (Topper Class) Nick Edmunds (Feva’s Class) who are really keen for our younger members to engage with them to gain more experience and will also run RYA Coach Training days to get additional skills and knowledge. There is an additional charge if it is a RYA Coaching Day.
This should then give you enough confidence to take part in the Club Racing and move on to the Class Circuits.

Assistant Instructor Scheme:

Another part of Chew Crew which we are hoping to increase the numbers of Assistant Instructors who would assist the Dinghy Instructors on Sundays and support and teach some of the Intermediate and Beginner groups.

There will be Training to anyone who wants to gain his or her Assistant Instructor.
Trainee Assistant Instructors need to be 15 years old, and have RYA stage 3 or equivalent training. This can also count as part of your Duke of Edinburgh Award for Service.

At the age of 16 you could be put forward to gain your Powerboat Level 2 and Dinghy Instructor if you are at an acceptable level to take.
If anyone would be interested please let Rich Hole (see RYA Training on this website for more info) or me know so we can arrange some assessment days.

Chew Crew Members

There will be a Chew Crew Annual Fee of £50.00 payable for every member of Chew Crew.
Chew Crew Members will get:
A T-shirt for the year,

Free use of Club boats
Access to sailing at Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club
Free instruction by Instructors, Assistant Instructors and parent helpers (unless signed onto a RYA course)
Safety Boat Cover per group.
Access to Training and Certificates (at additional cost.)

I hope to be able to get more information and details out to you over the next few months so please look out for email updates.

If you have any ideas or questions that you wish to ask me please feel free to email me.

I look forward to any questions or ideas and hope that we have your continued support.

Mike Kew