Keeping in touch, reducing costs, security, renewals and subscriptions

It seems so much longer than a week since I last wrote to you. I do hope you and yours are keeping well and that you are gradually working out how life will be under the current restrictions. I know many members are directly involved in front line services, our thoughts and thanks are with you.
I wanted to let you know what we have been doing over the last week, none of it terribly exciting I’m afraid! (“We” being General Committee and Directors).

Clubhouse and site management.

We have reviewed regular outgoings and are taking steps to reduce them as much as possible. I wont bore you with the details but, for example, all heaters, coolers, freezers have been, or will be, turned off. Some things though we think should continue e.g. pest control in the clubhouse, grass cutting and strimming.


I am sure, like us, you will be concerned about security of your boats and the site in general. The reduced team of Bristol Water rangers will include the club on their rounds when they can. I am gradually contacting the ‘very local’ members who on a rota basis, as part of their daily exercise, will include the club on their route. If I’ve missed you – let me know
Now that the threat of storms seems to have abated, we felt the Committee Boat, which was snuggled up alongside the concrete jetty, would be more secure on its mooring. She’s swinging nicely.

Renewals, subscriptions and looking ahead.

As requested in my previous messages, please do carry on to renew your membership and boat registration fees.
If you would like to renew but aren’t in a position to pay at the moment, contact Rosie, and she will provide guidance on how to renew in your WebCollect account.

We don’t know for how long we will be out of action- let’s hope we can go sailing again before too long. I have provisionally agreed a phone call meeting with Bristol Water in the next couple of weeks to discuss rent and boat fees. We’ll be aiming to plan ahead and will keep you posted.

On a lighter note

I understand that a virtual racing app is being explored. Look out for details in the next newsletter.

It’s been good to hear from you, your thoughts and suggestions gratefully received. Please take care.
With very best wishes from all of us

Helen on behalf of General Committee