Advanced Rescue Helm Course CANCELLED

Date and Time 17-Oct-20 Sat All Day


For RIB helms who already have RYA Level 2.

Our team of powerboat instructors lead by Jeff Stratford have scheduled 5 of these FREE one day courses into the calendar from April. The Committee’s aim is for all of our RIB helms to have completed this course which will refine their driving skills and make them better able to tackle any rescuing situation they may encounter when they are on duty. All those who took part last year thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the experience.

I would ask our Rescue Helms to be pro-active in choosing one of the dates below before we find that we are scheduling dates for them.

Sat 04-Apr-20, Sat 30-May-20, Thu 30-Jul-20, Sat 26Sep-20, Sat 17- Oct-20

To reserve your slot for any of the powerboat courses please contact Jeff at:-