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Sailing Reports

Steve’s Laser Tip of the Month 01-May-17

Wed 03-May-17|Categories: Laser, Sailing Report|

Downwind at Chew – Rule 42 Rule 42 is the rule that governs what is permitted and what is prohibited in terms of propulsion; propulsion through the sailor’s actions and kinetics (including rocking, pumping and sculling). Julian Cooke recently told me of an instance during the Masters Inlands where he felt the pumping interpretations around Rule 42 were being taken to the limit (and beyond) by one or two individuals near the front when sailing downwind. The sailor in this case was a visiting sailor. Nonetheless, this is a great opportunity to look at Rule 42 and downwind sailing. Chew perspective I think we can all agree that our [...]

Steve’s Rock Report Easter 2017

Wed 03-May-17|Categories: Sailing Report|

Steve’s Rock Report – annual laser fleet holiday 41 members of Team Chew Lasers (plus a dog) enjoyed wonderful weather for this year’s annual Easter pilgrimage to Rock, Cornwall.  The sailing was a delight; and enriched as ever by the many other leisure activities and relaxation that the group enjoy around the Camel estuary each year. 2017 saw new recruits join in the fun.  Tom Hender, David Pryce, Felicity Jones, Anna Mason and David Hynes.  Dave P and Tom quickly became buddies; both ashore and afloat. Battling it out on the water and wasting no time in breaking the ice with a few drinks on Thursday evening!  Anna and [...]