Permitted days are on Sat, Sun, Wed and Thu and those Bank Holiday Mondays where General Sailing is listed in the Calendar.

You may sail on those permitted days subject to rescue cover in accordance with the club safety policies.

At weekends, and those Bank Holiday Mondays with General Sailing, we roster rescue cover from 10:00 until 18:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.
On Wednesdays rescue cover is rostered to cover the period 10:00-16:00 during the day, and in the evening from 18:00 when there is racing scheduled over the summer.
Rescue cover is also rostered for the Thursday Improvers/Start Racing and Fun Thursdays events listed in the Calendar.

You can view rostered rescue cover on Dutyman if you are unsure.

Remember, on permissible sailing days at times when there is no rescue cover rostered, sailing is still permissible provided RIB cover is provided in accordance with the Buddy Group Safety Policy

Sailing is NOT permitted before 10:00 and only when the club burgee is flying from the flagpole outside the clubhouse.

Sailing must end half an hour before Sunset

In Summer (15-Mar to 15-Sep) extra conditions apply
Sailing must end an hour before Sunset
Sailing may end at 18:00 at Duty Officer’s discretion.