Cruising Survey

Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club is well known and has an excellent reputation across the South West for racing. We are highly regarded for our open events and club race teams are regularly commended in the sailing press for their professionalism and well organised events.

However, some club members feel that this success rather overshadows the popular cruising side of the club and that this racing focus comes at the expense of those that prefer simply to sail. In response, the Sailing Committee has generated a survey particularly for the attention of non-racing members.

The idea is to give CVLSC cruisers a louder voice by creating a position on the Sailing Committee especially for them. The Cruising Representative will reflect the views expressed in the following survey and take an active role in the implementation of a range of cruising activities in the sailing schedule. So please tell us what you think of our club and how you think it can be improved to reflect the needs of the cruising sailor.

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    Would you like to take part in training and/or coaching directed towards improved sailing skills & boat handling rather than racing? If so please state at what level.

    Would you be interested in trying racing if the club offered an “intro to racing programme"?
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    What single change would improve the club for you?